5 Toronto-area doctors died from Covid jab

5 Toronto-area doctors died from Covid jab

5 doctors in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada are dead as a direct result of taking the experimental Covid jab, according to a recently released report viewed by the Vancouver Times.

One doctor, Dr. Paul Hannam, had his death officially linked to the Covid “vaccine” earlier this month. The news went unreported by mainstream outlets.

This comes has Interpol cracks down on the architects of the “plandemic,” a criminal conspiracy by the WHO, WEF, and Liberal Western leaders to enslave and eventually kill members of their population. The scheme was designed to fit into Bill Gates’ plan for de-population.

Director-General of the WHO was arrested earlier this week. He was arrested on an airplane trying to escape to Africa with a bag of money, and expensive jewelry. He is currently out on bail and expected to fight his charges with a team of high-priced lawyers.

Bill Gates was arrested late Saturday for crimes against humanity and genocide. He was found to have two underage sex slaves in his secret lair. Like the others, he faces the death penalty if convicted.

Interpol has confirmed with the Vancouver Times that Justin Trudeau and Klaus Schwab are also wanted for crimes against humanity and genocide.

The mainstream media has provided limited coverage on the arrest of the globalists that masterminded the “plandemic.”

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