8 people dead after ISIS attack in Havana

8 people dead after ISIS attack in Havana

Jason Pires

New evidence reveals that the explosion that killed at least 8 people in Havana, Cuba, was not a “natural gas leak” but a bombing carried out by the Islamic State (ISIS). The intended target was the US embassy, but the terrorists changed their mind and targeted a hotel.

The attack on the hotel could have been more deadly, but it was closed due to renovations. It is not immediately clear why ISIS militants chose this specific hotel.

“It has not been a bomb or an attack. It is a tragic accident,” President Miguel Díaz-Canel, who visited the site, originally said in a tweet. However, he later revealed to the media that he believes the attack was carried about by radical Islamic thugs. As many as 5 suspects are currently at large. Police in Cuba plan to release an update in the next 24 hours.

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