‘An Inch Matters’: Dana Perino Shocks Cohosts With Off-Color Joke During Live Broadcast

‘An Inch Matters’: Dana Perino Shocks Cohosts With Off-Color Joke During Live Broadcast

Fox News anchor Dana Perino caught her cohosts by surprise when she let an off-color joke slip out during a live broadcast.

Perino, who is typically more reserved than her cohosts on the network’s drive-time panel show “The Five,” made a joke during Monday’s broadcast about President Joe Biden’s recent claim that inflation had only risen “an inch” in recent weeks.


“An inch matters.” @DanaPerino surprises her cohosts with off-color crack during live broadcast. #TheFive pic.twitter.com/D3cxGPQGTj

— Virginia Kruta (@VAKruta) September 19, 2022

Cohost Greg Gutfeld responded to Biden’s comments first, saying that he meant to take a moment to defend the president.

“You know, I’ve got to take this moment to defend him, especially on the inflation piece,” Gutfeld said. “When he said inflation is up just an inch, he was probably referring to a chart. Right? Oh, look, that’s just an inch. That’s just an inch.”

“Maybe,” Perino replied.

“I think you’re right,” cohost Jesse Watters added.

“I thought that was a brilliant joke, but screw all of you. I’m always overwhelmed when Biden talks, because it’s like — it’s like the Netflix menu, so many options, and they all suck,” Gutfeld continued. “He basically said that Trump was divisive. He saw the pandemic was over. There was no inflation. We forgot that if the pandemic is over — I mean we did mention this — that means what he did with the loan forgiveness was what we thought it was: it was a trillion dollar bribe to his voters, that you and me, truck drivers, everyone else who’s making a living, has to pay for.”

“All of this stuff is exhausting,” Gutfeld kept on going. “It gives you so much material to work from it’s almost brilliant, but do we get any clarity on anything, right? Or do we just listen to an interview with some guy, whose kind of along for the ride, who’s got some opinions about the pandemic and Taiwan, and casually just throws them out there, and you have to come out and clean up after him, because no, we’re not going to go to war over Taiwan because we have this thing called strategic ambivalence.”

“He’s not really president. He’s not even present,” Gutfeld concluded, arguing that Biden had essentially been sent out to do an interview but he hadn’t truly been the one calling the shots.

“More to come on all of this, because it’s just an inch,” Perino cut in, changing her tone slightly as she added, “You know, an inch matters.”

Perino turned toward the camera then, as her cohosts groaned and laughed.