Ashton Kutcher Said He Was ‘F***ing Pissed’ When Demi Moore’s Memoir Came Out

Ashton Kutcher was not pleased with the attention he received after his ex-wife, Demi Moore, published her memoir.

The 44-year-old star described his feelings during a recent interview with Esquire.

“I was f***ing pissed,” he said of “Inside Out” hitting bookshelves. “I’d finally gotten to a place where the press had really laid off me and Mila [Kunis], and my life and my family,” Kutcher continued. “And then the next day, [the paparazzi] are at my kids’ school.” 

He went on to say he didn’t blame Moore and didn’t want people to think he does. “I don’t want to open anything up in that realm,” he said.

The “No Strings Attached” star was married to Moore from 2005 until 2013. In her book, Moore delved into the relationship, sharing intimate details about participating in threesomes and blaming her ex for inspiring her to relapse after Kutcher allegedly said alcoholism wasn’t “a real thing.”

The actor told the publication he felt like a “wholesale f***ng failure” after his marriage ended. “Nothing makes you feel like a failure like divorce,” Kutcher said. “You failed at marriage.”

Later, he discussed his relationship with Kunis, who he’s been married to since 2015.

“The thing about Mila that made our relationship accelerate was that I had always admired her. Her talent, her skills, her gifts,” Kutcher explained. “I knew that she didn’t need me. And she knew that I didn’t need her.”

“We already knew all of each other’s dirt,” he admitted, saying his wife is “so much cooler” than he is.

Kutcher also discussed his daily routine, which involves cooking breakfast for his kids, driving them to school, and taking them to after-school activities. He’s also an avid investor and venture capitalist who works from home on those endeavors.

The “Vengeance” actor is allocating some of his funds toward software that can detect child pornography and alert the proper authorities. But he said during the interview that it’s not gaining traction in D.C. 

“You know why lawmakers don’t want to do anything with that?” Kutcher said. “Because kids can’t f***ing vote. What the f*** are we doing? Who are we, as people, to not make this issue a priority?”

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