BC truckers decry new rules banning older trucks

Jason Pires

Truckers in British Colombia are pushing back against new regulations that will prohibit anyone using a truck older than 10 years from accessing the Port of Vancouver. The union has warned this legislation will cause significant problems.

While the Port of Vancouver says more than 80% of vehicles that use the port are already in compliance with the new requirements, having 20% trucks off the road could cause “major problems.” The western director of Unifor warned about the potential absence of trucks on the road.

Speaking to Global News, Gavin McGarrigle stated:

“If you take out a couple of hundred trucks right now while you have all these supply chain disruptions and vessels in the harbour, that’s just going to make a bad situation even worse. It’s easy to be green when you’re green with someone else’s money. In this case, the Port of Vancouver wants a pat on the back for being green, but the cost falls squarely on truck drivers at a time of inflation, supply chain crunches and a real shortage of trucks.”

Truckers are calling on the Federal government to intervene. If the federal government fails to intervene, this could soon spell the end of a lot of truckers’ jobs.

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