‘Be Scared Of The Women’: Whoopi Scolds Walgreens For Not Mailing Abortion Pills

Whoopi Goldberg made it clear that she was not impressed with Walgreens, laying into the retail pharmacy giant for saying they would not mail abortion pills in certain states.

Goldberg made the comments during Thursday’s broadcast of “The View,” ABC’s midday talk show — and she claimed that the company had been bullied into the move because those in leadership were “scared of all these old white men.”


Painting America as some kind of Islamic republic, Whoopi huffs that the law is from 1898 when women could “barely could go down the street” without a man. pic.twitter.com/uedxLSTDRX

— Nicholas Fondacaro (@NickFondacaro) March 9, 2023

“Twenty-one Republican attorneys general have threatened legal action against Walgreens if they mail abortion pills in their states, citing a federal law that they claim prohibits it,” she began. “But the U.S. Justice Department disagreed, saying, ‘It’s okay to mail these pills as long as the drug is taken lawfully.’”

“So Walgreens, are you just scared of all these old white men who are coming after you? ‘Cause you never — you can — don’t be scared of them, be scared of the women,” Goldberg said, suggesting that women were likely to have strong opinions on the issue because the company had “stepped on their rights.”

Goldberg went on to accuse the “old white men” of going back to “1898 or something crazy … ’73,” she corrected after cohost Sunny Hostin interrupted with “1873.”

“Women had no rights,” Goldberg continued. “Barely could go down the street, but hey. That’s what they scared them with and they caved to that.”

Walgreens told Politico last Thursday that the company had issued a response to each individual attorney general with regard to the threat of legal action, saying in part, “While Walgreens has publicly expressed its intent to become a certified pharmacy under the Food and Drug Administration’s (‘FDA’) program, the company has made clear that it would do so consistent with all applicable laws and as a result would not be able to dispense Mifepristone in all locations. Additionally, Walgreens has not made any representations about using our mail-order pharmacy business to dispense this drug.”

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