Beer Can Flies At Ted Cruz During Astros Parade Appearance

Beer Can Flies At Ted Cruz During Astros Parade Appearance

Someone in the crowd at the Houston Astros World Series victory parade launched a beer can at Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), who was riding on a float at the event.

The Texas Senator was first met with boos — which Cruz ignored and just kept waving — from the crowd as he rode by on the back of a truck.


Someone threw a beer can at Ted Cruz during the Astros parade

— philip lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) November 7, 2022

A second video showed Cruz on the back of the truck reacting as a beer can came flying toward him. He and a staffer both reached up at the same time, deflecting the can away with their hands. The staffer then pointed into the crowd, apparently attempting to show police and parade security officials where the offending beer can had come from.

Cruz took his daughter Catherine to watch the Astros win the World Series:

Pure joy.@Astros winning the #WorldSeries …at home…with my precious Catherine.#GoStos

— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) November 6, 2022

The Texas Senator, who has been campaigning for Republicans ahead of Tuesday’s midterm elections, also recently made an appearance on ABC’s “The View” — prompting a protest so raucous that the show had to cut to a break.

“Excuse me!” co-host Whoopi Goldberg yelled at the protesters. “Excuse me! Ladies, ladies. Excuse us, let us do our job. Let us do our job. We hear what you have to say but you got to go!”

Goldberg and her cohosts continued the segment with Cruz, which ended with raised voices and shouting.

Goldberg insisted didn’t like watching Republicans win but argued that Democrats didn’t get violent when they didn’t get their way.

“Whoopi, did I miss an entire year of Antifa riots?” Cruz asked, appearing taken aback. “Where cities across this country were burning … your position is the left doesn’t engage in violence, really?”

The cohosts all began shouting over each other — and Cruz — prompting him to raise his voice, after which cohost Ana Navarro scolded him for “screaming.”

“You just said we don’t scream at each other, right? Or is it just you that gets to scream?” she asked.