Biden Family Got Over A Million From China But Nobody In The Democrat-Media Complex Cares

There is an old rap remix by Asher Roth of “I Love College” fame that states, “A million here, a million there. Yeah, you got a mil, but for real dog, nobody cares.”

Unfortunately, that lyric also describes the legacy media and Democratic Party’s reaction to Congressman James Comer’s (R-KY) bombshell report last week that a Chinese Communist Party-linked energy company doled out at least a million dollars to members of the Biden family via Hunter Biden’s business partner for unexplained reasons in 2017.

Well, screw ’em. Legacy media and the Democrats are not needed to make sure that this potential national embarrassment and security risk of a scandal is fully exposed, with those who allegedly broke the law put on trial.

That being said, you would think — or maybe hope — that at least one member of the media would be curious and think: “How is it that so many members of the Biden family — including Beau’s widow Hallie and one relative named only ‘Biden’ — are energy and business experts?”

Well, a much more likely explanation to that question — and one that the lapdog press doesn’t want to hear — is that the Bidens were selling access to Grandpa Joe’s political connections.

The president, for his part, has denied that the transactions occurred at all, let alone that any wrongdoing occurred.

“That’s not true,” Biden told reporters when pressed about Comer’s report this week.

Comer has said that is, for lack of a better descriptor, just pure bullcrap.


“President Biden’s statement was misleading and dishonest,” Comer said in a statement. How does he know? Well, again he discovered this transaction based on “bank documents from a financial institution pursuant to a subpoena.”

Adding to the evidence this is the real-deal are statements from Hunter’s legal team.

“Further undercutting President Biden’s assertion, Hunter Biden’s legal team publicly acknowledged he was involved in a ‘joint venture’ with an ‘energy company in China’ and ‘shared’ his portion of the funds with James and Hallie Biden,” Comer wrote to the House.

Comer has requested that the White House correct the record by March 27, according to Fox News.

As Comer has pointed out, this is just one transaction that needs to be explained. There are undoubtedly countless more money exchanges between the Biden family and foreign nations from all over the globe that need to be explained — not just from the CCP.

Now, we all know that if this were former President Trump and his kids, the Democrat-Media complex would justifiably be all over this story. Authorities from every blue state and across the federal government would be scrutinizing every business action ever taken by the Trump family. Republicans would probably support it — based on the alleged amount of evidence available for public consumption.

Instead, the legacy media is virtually ignoring the story. Federal authorities seem to have no interest — except for those like Comer in Congress.

So, the point here is not to say, “Wow! Imagine if this situation were reversed!”

Indeed, you should imagine if the situation were reversed, and then wonder why Republicans haven’t been following the same playbook (minus the dishonesty) if they truly want to win. Ideally, Comer and his team stay on this story until the whole truth and nothing but the truth is unveiled while more GOP officials join hands.

Democrats and their media allies will never care about this story so long as the “Big Guy” in the White House is politically useful. Yet that does not mean that Republicans and conservative media do not have the agency and proper legal avenues to make sure that the rule of law is upheld and no stone is left unturned.

The views expressed in this piece are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent those of The Daily Wire.

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