Britney Spears Tells Fans Not To Call Cops If She Deletes Instagram In Bizarre Video

Britney Spears told fans not to call the cops if she happened to delete her Instagram account in a bizarre video she shared on social media on Tuesday.

The 41-year-old pop singer posted a video on the social media platform for her 41 million followers, which she captioned, “Stay humble out there, y’all!!! Hi mommy and daddy, I am a star now have you heard ??? Carry on peeps.”

In the clip, Spears speaks in a strange accent.

“Ok, great news. Ok, so last week guys I made a dress. I was really proud,” she said.  “[It had] a diamond panel, a zip in the back [and] a girlfriend helped me sew it.”

Spears then said a clothing company “sent her a dress,” adding that she didn’t have to make it herself. She then showed off a pink sequin halter dress with sheer panels and thanked the unnamed company for sending it.

“I can’t believe it. I am just saying! Hey now, so proud!” Spears shared.  “I didn’t even have to make it myself. Thank you company for sending me this dress. Thank you.”



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“So guys, I just want you to know if I shut down my Instagram do not call the cops,” Spears added. “Don’t ever be a rollercoaster.”

She then ran out of the room and returned with another dress before running out and back into the room, shouting, “never be a roller coaster.”

The “Baby One More Time” hitmaker’s post follows reports that family members are worried about the Spears’ mental health and reportedly have tried some kind of intervention following her “erratic” and “volatile” behavior, the Daily Mail noted.

Spears slammed the reports as false and shared that “there’s obviously a lot of people who don’t wish me well.”

In November 2021, a judge ruled to terminate the conservatorship Spears had been under since 2008, controlled by her father. Since then, some fans have worried the singer is struggling after posting numerous nude photos, rants, and strange videos on social media. But other supporters say she’s just being herself.

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