Brittany Aldean Slams Balenciaga, Says She Refuses To ‘Wear A Brand That Has Any Affiliation’ With ‘Sexual Exploitation Of Children’

Country star Jason Aldean’s wife, Brittany Aldean, said she refuses to “wear a brand that has any affiliation” with the “sexual exploitation of children” following Balenciaga’s “disgusting” BDSM-themed ad campaign.

During Fox News‘ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the host asked Brittany about her recent Instagram post showing her carrying out trash bags filled with the fashion house’s products, which she captioned, “It’s trash day [Balenciaga].”

“I for one love fashion,” Aldean shared. “I’m super into fashion, but I refuse to represent or wear a brand that has any affiliation, any affiliation, with sexual exploitation of children or the sexualization of children. It’s disgusting.”

“And what they showed us recently in their campaign is pure evil,” she added.


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Carlson agreed and asked the singer’s wife about the public outcry.

“It’s absolutely worth taking seriously because every single detail of the photo shoot was meticulously thought out,” Aldean explained, noting that she’s been on photo shoots before and said weeks and months of prep work goes into these things.

The fashion brand, which celebrities like Kim Kardashian often wear, came under fire last month after its website displayed images featuring its “Toy Stories” campaign that showed child models posing with the brand’s teddy bear handbags, with the bears dressed in BDSM-themed attire from its Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023 collection.

“For them to think that it’s appropriate to put children in a situation that we have seen much less for a campaign for their brand is disgusting,” she added.

“It was not a mistake,” Aldean continued. “They have shown us who they are. It’s disgusting. It’s evil. And the common denominator here is that we have to stand up. We have to fight for our children.”

Brittany concluded by insisting the backlash isn’t about “religion” or politics but “protecting the children at all costs.”

“Everybody should be outraged,” she added.

The fashion house apologized and said it was taking legal action against its production company. On Monday, reports surfaced that Balenciaga had dropped its $25 million lawsuit against the producers of the fetish-themed shoot, the New York Post noted.

Brandon Drey contributed to this report. 

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