California School District Pauses Vote On Placing A Planned Parenthood Clinic On High School Campus After Parents Protest

California School District Pauses Vote On Placing A Planned Parenthood Clinic On High School Campus After Parents Protest

California’s Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District was set to consider a proposal to put a Planned Parenthood clinic at a local high school, but they put the decision on pause as parents spoke out against the idea.

“It seemed like a few hundred parents that showed up,” The Gavel Project founder and lawyer Ryan Heath told Fox News.

The school board of seven people was set to vote Monday on whether or not to permit Planned Parenthood to run and open a clinic at John Glenn High School, but parents came together and protested the move.

Abortion is not included in the proposal, but it claimed that Planned Parenthood Los Angeles “is an organization devoted principally to the provision of reproductive healthcare services.” The services provided, however, include “[p]rescription and/or dispensing of pharmaceuticals related to reproductive health,” and “[r]eferrals for additional medical or other health care services where indicated,” noting that the Planned Parenthood “may make referrals to other health centers operated by [Planned Parenthood] for services not offered at the School.”

The clinic would also carry out the “[i]nsertion of non-surgical long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCS), including, without limitation, IUDs,” as well as “[l]aboratory services related to reproductive health.”

The deal would have “automatically renew[ed] for two successive one-year periods” and then would have required the board to approve it every five years.

On Monday, the school released a statement saying the school district board of education “will postpone discussion of Board Agenda Item #12a regarding the Planned Parenthood clinic at John Glenn High School,” adding that “action will not be taken” at the board meeting that night.

“The Board of Education and Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District has no further comment at this time,” it added.

Heath appeared on “Fox & Friends First” on Tuesday, pointing out what he believes the main issue to be: “transgender conversion camps.”

“There’s nothing in this contract between the Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles and the actual unified school district that prevents this facility from providing gender affirmation care to students on campus, and we all need to remember … Planned Parenthood is the number two provider in the nation for these gender affirmation therapy hormones,” he said.

“A lot of people are very up-in-arms about the abortion issue, but I actually wanted to come out and explain to people that this is about trying to create transgender conversion camps on high school campuses where kids are most susceptible to peer pressure,” he said.

“What we have is a social contagion that is causing girls in this country to desire, based on the pressure of their friends and the pressure of outside individuals like teachers, to change sex, and it’s actually causing quite a lot of damage,” he added, speaking about Abigail Shrier’s book on this topic.

The Daily Wire has reached out to Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District for comment.