Canceled ‘Real Housewives’ Star Jennie Nguyen Brings A Gay Black Friend To Instagram Live In Her Defense, He Says She’s ‘Not A Racist’

Reality TV star Jennie Nguyen was removed from the Bravo series “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” earlier this week. The move came after resurfaced Facebook posts showed Nguyen criticizing the protests which turned violent during the summer of 2020.

Bravo immediately cut ties with the reality star in light of the “offensive” social media posts. Nguyen quickly apologized on her Instagram page, explaining that she had deleted the controversial memes and deactivated her Facebook account. She also told fans she’d be providing a more in-depth defense later on.

Nguyen did an Instagram Live Wednesday and blamed the incident her social team at the time, but also accepted responsibility for her actions.

“I just want you to understand that, during that time, I had a team of people that [were] helping me. Whether they posted [or] I posted, it doesn’t really matter at this point,” she said, according to Page Six.

“For me, it’s on my account and I take full responsibility and accountability for what was posted,” the “Housewives” alum continued. “I know I hurt a lot of people. My viewpoint during that time in 2020 was emotional and it brings back a lot of memories during that time when we went through such a tragic, terrible year.”

Next, Nguyen made her political affiliations clear.

“I want you to understand that my political stance, I still support that,” she told her Instagram followers. “I’m very proud to be a Republican. I am proud to be able to say I have the freedom of speech, too, and to have an opinion.”

She continued, expressing her support of police officers, but calling out bad behavior.

“I don’t tolerate violence, but I do support my law enforcement. I know with every profession, there’s good and there’s bad. I don’t support the bad. I don’t support the brutality with black people or with any race,” she said. “But I do support my law enforcement, but that doesn’t make me racist. To support my political stance, that does not make me a racist. I want you to understand that.”

Finally, Nguyen attempted to win back her followers’ support by having a friend stick up for her. She did the Live while sitting with her pal Michael. He insisted that the ex-Housewife is “not a racist.”

“Over time, I did have to educate her on the whole Black Lives Matter and everything like that because I’m a gay black man, so I live it every day” Michael explained. “Anybody that’s saying she paid him to be there or she pulled the friend card, I see all your comments.”

He continued, “But here’s the reality. I know Jennie and I know her character and I know the person that she is inside. She’s not a racist.”

Nguyen’s former co-stars are not feeling as eager to defend her. Page Six reported that Meredith Marks said she was “sickened.” Whitney Rose relayed that she was “shocked and saddened,” while Heather Gay used the word “disappointed.” Bravo star Andy Cohen, who is an executive producer on “RHOSLC,” said he thought the posts were “upsetting” and “disgusting.”

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