Cenk Uygur Rants: ‘Tim Pool Wears A Beanie … To Contain The Pedophilia That’s In His Head’

Cenk Uygur Rants: ‘Tim Pool Wears A Beanie … To Contain The Pedophilia That’s In His Head’

Cenk Uygur’s latest unhinged rant saw the Young Turks host attack Catholic priests, accuse the right-wing of cheering on pedophilia, and make a bizarre supposition about why Tim Pool wears a wool cap.

The volatile leftist’s diatribe on his internet show was triggered by Saturday night’s mass shooting in a Colorado Springs gay bar, which he erroneously said Pool and other conservatives applauded. Several liberals have claimed conservative opposition to pedophilia, radical gender theory, and grooming children through drag shows is putting LGBT lives at risk.

“The right-wing loves pedophiles,” Uygur said. “There’s no end to the depravity of right-wing media.”

A particular observation by Pool in response to the shooting, which left five dead, seemed to set off Uygur. Initial speculation swirled that the suspect, whose lawyers have just revealed identifies as “non-binary,” launched his attack in Club Q because it was set to host a drag show for children the next day.

“We shouldn’t tolerate pedophiles grooming kids. Club Q had a grooming event,” Pool said, before suggesting the challenge facing decent people is “how to prevent the violence and stop the grooming.”

Uygur took the comment to mean that Pool was somehow justifying violence.

“He’s a monstrous right-winger,” Uygur shouted. “He’s a terrible, terrible person. [He thinks] ‘all gay people are pedophiles and groomers and we should all attack them and do all these horrible things so we can goad our lunatic audience.’ And yes, Tim Pool, Matt Walsh, Tucker Carlson, you all have lunatics in your audience and you weaponize them and you know it.”

“I’m sick of these right-wingers,” he continued. “Look at it. They’re almost celebrating it! I mean, he nearly brought pom-poms to the shooting!”

Rage against pedophilia, Uygur said, should instead be directed at the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts of America.

“What do we know about the giant cases of pedophilia in this country?” he asked his audience. “Number one is Catholic priests, one of the most conservative professions in America.

“And the right-wing’s like, ‘Yes! I love how they molest the little kids like that! Go get ‘em, Boy Scouts! Go get ‘em, priests!’” he charged.

“They love the Boy Scouts. A nest of vipers and pedophiles and groomers, okay? And the right-wing’s like, ‘Yes! The Boy Scouts! I love how they molest the little kids like that! Go get ‘em Boy Scouts! Go get ‘em priests!’ Tell me I’m wrong. You guys love the Boy Scouts and priests. You never criticize them.”

Uygur brought the pedophilia fulmination back to his initial target, Pool, with a strange explanation for why the YouTube and podcast star often sports a ski cap.

“The reason Tim Pool wears a beanie is because he’s trying to contain the pedophilia that’s in his head,” Uygur said. “That’s why he’s always talking about it. He’s seeing it everywhere. Why? Because he’s projecting.”

However bizarre Uygur’s attack on Pool, priests, and the Boy Scouts may seem, he will have to work harder to top his most unhinged rant.

“If I were the benevolent dictator of the world, I would legalize bestiality where you are giving — you’re pleasuring the animal,” Uygur said in 2013. “You see what I’m saying?”

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