Chicago Armed Robbery Suspect Turned In To Police By His Own Mother

As Chicago continues to deal with surging crime, one mother wasn’t going to let her son be a part of the problem and get away with it. Last Tuesday, a sophomore at Loyola Chicago pointed a gun at a Metra Electric train conductor on his way to school and stole all of the conductor’s cash. After the incident, police released photos of the suspect, 18-year-old Zion Brown, which got the attention of someone who knows Brown very well: his mother. 

CBS Chicago reported that around 2 p.m. Brown took out a “black semiautomatic handgun and announced a robbery.” After taking the conductor’s cash, the report stated that he “ran off into the station, according to Metra police. Authorities released two photos, one of them showing the man with the gun in hand on the station platform.”

Brown got away with the money and disposed of the gun, which was later revealed to reportedly be a BB gun. While he was able to escape the station with the stolen money, he wasn’t able to get away from everyone. 

According to multiple reports, Brown’s mother saw the photos of her son in the media and recognized him even though he was wearing a mask. She then confronted her son and took him to the police. 

Brown was later charged with robbery and confessed to the crime. According to his defense attorney, Brown was just hungry and needed some money for food. CWB Chicago reported: 

The defense attorney said Brown went to class at Loyola after the hold-up. He encouraged Judge Maryam Ahmad to reflect on her days as a hungry college student as she weighed the state’s request to have Brown held without bail.

That argument didn’t sit well with Ahmad, who said she remembered being a hungry college student, but she never considered pulling a gun on someone and taking their money. She granted the state’s no-bail request.

This incident comes on the back of a major crime surge in many American cities, especially Chicago. In early January, The Daily Wire reported that Chicago recorded the most homicides of any American city in 2021 at a staggering 797 total homicides. That number was higher than the 2020 number by 25 and 299 more than the homicides recorded in the city in 2019. 

Chicago has also been dealing with crimes such as “smash-and-grabs” and car jackings. The Chicago Tribune reported in December on the uptick in violent crimes in the city. 

Shootings remained high in many city neighborhoods that have for decades struggled with violence, but the downtown area this year was also repeatedly the site of shootings, burglaries at high-end shops and large-scale gatherings of young people who sometimes had to be dispersed by Chicago police. Carjackings continued to increase around the city. Children, seniors and even transit workers found themselves victims in areas that are not known for violence.

The Daily Wire also reported on a huge smash-and-grab incident where thieves stole more than $1 million in watches from a Chicago dealership in December. 

Many Chicago residents have had enough of the rising crime and blame city leadership for its failure to prosecute criminals. 

In December a Chicago police dispatcher’s video went viral for calling out Mayor Lori Lightfoot. “I’m hot about it because this mayor does not care about Chicago police officers, period,” Keith Thornton Jr. said. “She doesn’t care about any first responders. She does not care about the d*** city. It doesn’t matter if you’re white, black, Asian, Hispanic, other, straight, gay, Democrat, or Republican. She don’t even care about her city workers. All that lady cares about is her f***ing self.”

“And I pray you’re watching this because you’re a disgrace and I’m tired of it,” he addressed Lightfoot. “And your city is tired of it. Matter of fact, it’s not your city. The city of Chicago is tired of it.”

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