Colorado Democrat Governor Jared Polis Signs 4 New Gun Control Bills Into Law

Colorado Democrat Governor Jared Polis signed four new gun control bills into law this week as the once-conservative state continues to march further Left.

The new laws include an expansion of the state’s red flag laws. Previously, a judge could only temporarily seize someone’s firearms if family members or law enforcement petitioned the court. With the new law, healthcare providers, district attorneys, and teachers can petition the court to take someone’s firearms away.

The other three laws increased the age to purchase a firearm in the state to 21, requires a three-day waiting period after a firearm is purchased before it can be taken home, and makes it easier to sue the gun industry.

A proposal that would have banned the sale and transfer of semi-automatic firearms, but it was killed by state Democrats last week, PBS reported.

However, a fifth piece of legislation is expected to soon pass that would ban the creation and sale of so-called “ghost guns.”

Gun rights groups immediately filed lawsuits to reverse the increase in buying age and the three-day waiting period, the report said.


The other pieces of legislation are also likely to face legal challenges in the near future.

Who wants one? Because we are ready!

— Rocky Mountain Gun Owners (@RMGOColorado) April 29, 2023

The legislation faced pushback from Republicans across the state.

“This achieves nothing,” the Douglas County Republican Party said in a statement. “Criminals will still have guns and schools are still defenseless.”

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