Coronation Guest Suspected Of Being Meghan Markle In Disguise Identified: ‘Nothing Sinister About It’

The coronation guest who was rumored to be Meghan Markle in disguise is speaking out and confirming his real identity. 

Social media was abuzz during the coronation of King Charles III on May 6 as multiple royal family enthusiasts insisted that one of the guests looked suspiciously like Markle wearing a fake mustache. Her husband Prince Harry did attend the event, but Markle remained home in California after years of turmoil between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the rest of the royal family.

The guest, who some suspected of being Markle, was actually legendary composer Sir Karl Jenkins. He was seated next to Andrew Lloyd Webber during the ceremony.

Lloyd Webber tweeted about the rumors on Monday, writing, “I can confirm it probably wasn’t MM and had no jewels on his person as far as I could see – ALW.”

I can confirm it probably wasn’t MM and had no jewels on his person as far as I could see – ALW

— Andrew Lloyd Webber (@OfficialALW) May 9, 2023

Jenkins cleared up the misunderstanding with a video on TikTok. “I was quite surprised that some people thought I was Meghan Markle in disguise. Someone wrote I was there, whoever I was, to steal the crown jewels,” he said. 

“I look like this all the time and in addition this on my neck, which is what they give you when you get a knighthood – this was around my neck over which my tie came and my jacket,” he said while laughing.

“Oh and my mustache has been referred to in The Times as well – but I’ve had the mustache since I was 18 years old. It was very trendy then. So that’s me. Nothing sinister about it or surprising at all.”

The composer was reacting to popular tweets from the weekend, including one with his photo that said, “Meghan, you’re not fooling us.”

Megan, you’re not fooling us…

— Bob Cryer (@bobbicee) May 6, 2023

Some of Jenkins’ music was played at the coronation on Saturday. As the composer told BBC, “It’s a slow movement based on old Welsh folk tune. It’s haunting, it’s very Welsh and the story is redolent of a soldier returning home and crossing the stile.”

”It starts very quietly, with the strings playing the melody of the folksong, then the harpist is doing this technique called bisbigliando, which means whispering in Italian,” he continued. “There’s a very virtuoso harp part when the harp goes through the arpeggios, through the chords and it’s very emotional.”


Prince Harry quickly left the ceremony to return home and didn’t stand on the balcony with the royal family or attend the coronation concert later.

Markle, meanwhile, was spotted in California going for a hike with friends during coronation weekend.

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