Creepy Teachers And A Creepy Education System

Creepy Teachers And A Creepy Education System

Today, we’re going to talk about creepy teachers and a creepy education system.

I’d like to apologize in advance for some of the content in this column, but we must cover it.

This story comes thanks to investigative journalists over at Project Veritas. You guys know them: They are our friends. I love Project Veritas’s founder, James O’Keefe and have interviewed him many times.

The group recently released a new video exposing an educator who worked at a prestigious Connecticut private school named Green Farms Academy. He was allegedly caught on tape making obscene and predatory remarks about students.

Now, you guys know that I’m from Connecticut, so this story hit me differently. It just makes me so terrified. My sisters still live there.

So, the educator in question is a man named Iman Rasti who, according to Project Veritas’ undercover videos, made sexually explicit statements about his current high school students at a very elite school that costs thousands of dollars to attend.

He was fired because of this video, but until recently, he oversaw Green Farms Academy’s writing center, taught middle school English and is the seventh-grade dean.

So this is not some new guy who just arrived at the school. He was recorded fantasizing about his young female pupils. Here are some snippets of what he said based on the video from Project Veritas:

“Every day, there are different panties. Green, black, and white…

“And they make sure that the panties are positioned in a way that I see the thing.”

“That’s just brutal.”

A Project Veritas journalist, asked, “And you’re not even tempted?”

Per the video, Rasti nodded yes, and said, “Every day.”

“That must be hard,” she said back.

“It’s very hard I mean that literally and figuratively,” Rosti was recorded saying with a laugh, according to Project Veritas.

He also appears to admit to having sex with “many, many, many, many” of his college-aged students.

The full video can be seen here: 

So, based on Project Veritas’s reporting, the teacher was being turned on by underwear that his pupils are wearing and he also goes as far as to say that he’s also had sex with some of the college students that he sees.

All of this has been caught on camera and it has been received the right way. People are understandably outraged.

And this person has been removed from his job since that video.

But it’s ridiculous to me that it takes a Project Veritas reporter to go undercover to expose this and bring these kinds of stories to the forefront.

It is very obvious that teachers are trying to destroy the relationships that children have with their parents because they are looking to have those relationships mimicked inside the classroom.

And it’s why I’m constantly talking about all of these various agendas coming from the Left, and when they’re saying, “Don’t tell your mom this or don’t tell your dad that” And then you have a bunch of people that are working that are talking to your children about sex — which is wildly inappropriate.

This sort of sexual education wasn’t really widespread before the mid-60s through the 80s.

Then, ideologues from places like Planned Parenthood got involved, trying to teach your children about sex. In essence saying, “Everybody’s just having sex. So we should learn about it in school!”

Well, no everybody in high school wasn’t having sex. For example, in 1991 Desert News reported that in 1970, only 4.6% of 15 years-olds said they had had intercourse, but by 1988, that percentage had risen to 25.6.  For 19 year-olds, it was 48.2% in 1970 and 75.3% in 1988.

Now, 60% of all high schoolers have said they have had sex. So the trend has reversed over the years and it occurs just as they are teaching sex in the classroom. 

Certain teachers and groups are intentionally sexualizing children — and at the same time somehow sexualizing the adults — in the classroom. Again, I am speaking generally.

Of course, I’m not suggesting that every teacher is a horrific monster who has sexual fantasies about your children.

But I am asking, what will come down the pipeline if we don’t stand up to these more nefarious agendas? Kids are being told as young as kindergarten that they can pick their genders and that their genitals don’t mean anything.

What do you think is going to be the natural product of that and other ideas about sex and gender being pushed today?

And when you see these teachers who are fighting for the right to talk to your kids about sex?

Yeah, you’re looking at somebody who is a predator, somebody whose mind is not right and should not be in the classroom.