‘Criminals Should Be In Prison’: Walsh And Kasparian Surprisingly Agree

‘Criminals Should Be In Prison’: Walsh And Kasparian Surprisingly Agree

Daily Wire host and bestselling children’s author Matt Walsh found an unexpected point of agreement with Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks when discussing the recent surge in violent crime across the United States.

On Monday Walsh recounted the case of 49-year-old Alexander Wright, who was arrested last week for the 42 time after beating and hospitalizing a 35-year-old subway employee in New York City after the employee tried to stop him. Wright had previously been arrested for an unprovoked assault on an elderly Asian woman and for throwing hot coffee on two NYPD traffic officers.

Walsh lambasted prosecutors in New York and many other major cities for lax policies that allow violent offenders like Wright back out on the streets after negligible jail time.

“To summarize, this man has been walking the streets of New York City for years, viciously assaulting and brutalizing pedestrians.” Walsh said. “The system is aware of him. They know that he’s out there. They know what he will do to people. They know he’ll never stop. And yet they allow him to remain on the streets.

Violent crime in New York is up 25.8% last year, and significant crimes such as burglary and grand larceny have become ubiquitous, even in prosperous areas: Walsh noted that such crimes were up 80% in Manhattan’s Sixth Precinct.

Walsh lamented that left leaning urbanites were unlikely to advocate for policy changes to curb the outbreak of violence, arguing that they would be paralyzed by pre-existing ideological commitments which are “utterly severed from reality.” The acclaimed women’s studies scholar did highlight a prominent exception in Ana Kasparian, a left of center pundit who has recently voiced concern towards the Wright case and the increase in violent crime more generally.

“I would say that if you murder someone and you have spent time in a facility in a prison that does not rehabilitate … it’s very unlikely that you’re rehabilitated,” Kasparian said. “ And just releasing you into the world with no rehabilitation, bad idea. Bad idea.” Kasparian also expressed alarm that as of April 2021 63,000 violent offenders in the California penal system would be eligible for early release, with sentences shortened by as much as a third.

Walsh expressed shock at Kasparian’s “tiptoeing” into “the waters of logic and reason.”

“You mean that if you release violent criminals out into society, you’re going to end up with more violent crime in society?” The self proclaimed theocratic fascist noted sarcastically. “Next, you’re going to tell me that if you pour water into a cup, you’ll end up with water in a cup.”

Walsh also noted that even this ‘tepid’ approach to the issue of crime was enough to receive widespread condemnation by other journalists and activists on twitter.

“I think the issue is that your position shouldn’t just boil down to “this guy sucks- punishment!” That doesn’t help anyone.” One user said, while another complained that “The public hears enough dishonest fearmongering about crime.” and that “Left/alt media should offer something different.” Another said that Anna should feel a “deep sense of shame.”

While Walsh agreed that Kasparian “probably should feel ashamed of a lot of things,” he held that her analysis of the Wright case was not one of them. He also excoriated those who portrayed repeat offenders like Wright as the victims of a corrupt system. “Perhaps we could adopt a 40 strikes and you’re out rule.” He mused. “Can we do that? 40 strikes? No, because even that would be offensive to the left. They see no evidence that the public is made safer when violent criminals are kept in prison… they presumably also see no evidence that patrons at the zoo are made safer when the door to the lion’s cage is closed and locked as opposed to open.”