Dads Rule: Five Father’s Day Gift Ideas To Honor The Kings They Really Are

Let’s face it, fathers are under attack in today’s culture. The Left would like you to believe that they don’t matter, or worse, that having strong dads is somehow bad for the country. 

You know that’s a gosh darn lie and that fathers — and father figures — are worth celebrating. 

Here are five gift ideas for Father’s Day 2023 to honor your dad, stepdad, or other patriarchal kings in your life. 

Jeremy’s Razors 

Your dad is one handsome man. 

He could be one step closer to god-king status if he kept his mean mug clean-shaven with Jeremy’s Razors. Right now, Jeremy’s Razors is offering a limited-time Father’s Day sale for 30% off. All you need to do is click here so that your dad can have one smooth face on Father’s Day — purchase by June 9th to ensure it arrives on time. 

What’s that? Your papa has a better beard than Matt Walsh, Ben Shapiro (sometimes), and Jeremy Boreing himself combined? No worries, we’ve got you covered with Jeremy’s Razors’ excellent Hair & Body bundle made up of shampoo, conditioner, and body soap. Buy here

Just remember, these gifts aren’t for beta males — which your dad isn’t.

Good Ranchers

It’s a bad day to be a cow, but a great day to be your dad with this gift. Get your dad a subscription or one-time purchase of a box of beef, steak, chicken, and more from our good friends over at Good Ranchers.

As Good Ranchers explains, “Due to a broken food system that inflates prices and imports poor quality meat, America’s tables haven’t been full of great food for a while.”

That’s why “Good Ranchers was founded by Ben and Corley Spell as a result of their search for honest and quality food to feed their growing family.” 

Your dad spent a lifetime putting food on your plate. Now, put some great cuts of meat on his table with this excellent gift.

Dr. Jordan Peterson’s Lobster Tie 

Is any Father’s Day gift list complete without a tie? Well, that depends on you how define the word “complete,” as Dr. Jordan B. Peterson might say. 

Regardless of the philosophical implications of that question, The Daily Wire has just the tie you need: The Lobster Tie. 

This stylish lobster tie is perfect for any formal occasion — especially as summer rolls around — and it offers a chance to subtly own the libs by giving a nod to the legendary clinical psychologist seen by many young men and boys around the globe as a fatherly figure. 

It comes in red, blue, and black and can be purchased here

Just Follow Matt Walsh’s Advice

Dads tend to become creatures of habit. That makes gift-giving somewhat easy if you pay close attention. For this fourth recommendation, listen to a father of six, The Daily Wire’s own bestselling LGBTQ children’s author Matt Walsh.

In short, keep it simple. Get your dad what he likes. 

As the host of The Matt Walsh Show said, “Dads are the easiest to shop for. Every dad has like two or three basic presents that he likes. Just get him one of those. Dads just want the same gifts for every occasion. The worst thing you can do for a dad is put too much thought into the gift. Stick to the classics.”

Take it from Walsh. He is a dad after all. 

“I say this as a dad myself, and also as someone with a dad who has received essentially the same small array of gifts for every gift-giving occasion, every year, for the past three decades because that’s all he wants,” he explained

“For me: whiskey, cigars, fishing reels and rods, flannels, gift cards to book stores,” Walsh said. “That’s literally all I want. I want no other things.” 

Again, don’t overthink it, folks. This isn’t rocket science — unless your dad is Elon Musk.

“Old Glory” Daily Wire Baseball Bat

Summer is here, baseball is back, and Old Glory still waves. Make your dad feel like a real American with The Daily Wire’s “Old Glory” baseball bat. 

It’s a timeless classic. 

This collaboration with Pillbox Bat Co. takes us back to the early days of baseball, before participation trophies and woke politics. We raise a glass to hot dogs and Cracker Jacks, our National Anthem, and “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” — because baseball is the greatest sport and still America’s national pastime.

There’s no crying in baseball, but your dad might shed a tear of joy when he opens this bad boy. 

He can hang it in his office, keep it around the home, and every now and then glean inspiration from America’s wonderful heritage. 

Plus, he’ll also think of you — which is always a win. Buy here.

BONUS: Pre-Order The Next Batch Of Jeremy’s Chocolate 

Guess what, folks, the next batch of Jeremy’s Chocolate is available for pre-order — and it comes with a pre-order discount on our “Jeremy’s Nuts & Nutless.” 

Buy here and get it by Halloween — just in time to scare your woke neighbors.

It now comes in micro-aggression size, too. 

Happy Father’s Day 2023

To dads young and old, those who stepped up or adopted, and to the coaches, teachers, and mentors who played fatherly roles to those who needed it, we wish you a happy Father’s Day 2023. 

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