Daily Wire’s Jeremy Boreing Tells ‘Fox & Friends’ How Woke Hershey’s Made Him An Overnight Success In Chocolate Biz

Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing told “Fox & Friends” Tuesday morning how the woke Left helped him literally become an overnight success in the chocolate business.

Boreing recounted for the popular cable news program how he became so disgusted last week by a Hershey’s Chocolate ad for International Women’s Day that featured a biological male, that he decided to offer up an alternative. Over the following hours, The Daily Wire launched Jeremy’s Chocolate, shot a commercial that went viral, and in just a matter of days, sold over 400,000 bars.

“Our entire enterprise at The Daily Wire is about building alternatives to all the institutions dominated by the woke Left – kids’ entertainment, razors, now chocolates,” Boreing explained. “We believe that corporate America is supposed to serve America. We’ve got a situation now in the country where the incentives for corporations have been misaligned. They live in a kind of fear of the woke Left and, as a result, they take for granted the rest of us will just keep giving our money to them because we don’t have another choice.”

“We want to give people those choices,” he added. “That’s what it’s really all about.”

.@JeremyDBoreing tells Fox & Friends about Jeremy’s Chocolate: “[Woke companies] take for granted that the rest of us will give their money to them because, well, we don’t have any other choice. So we want to give people those choices.”https://t.co/pf5NnLcosp pic.twitter.com/G3OC53S7bH

— Daily Wire (@realDailyWire) March 7, 2023

The chocolate bars come in two varieties, “SheHer” and “HeHim.” One has nuts and the other does not, and, as Boreing says in the viral ad, “If you need me to tell you which one, keep buying Hershey’s.” They are available at ihatehersheys.com.

When host Steve Doocy asked Boreing how the chocolate tastes, Boreing replied that it is “delicious, of course.”

“It will be the best chocolate ever launched in two days,” quipped Boreing, who also promised the hosts that a dark chocolate variety is in the works.

Doocy and co-hosts Brian Kilmeade and Ainsley Earhardt marveled at how the chocolate line came together so quickly. Boreing said his team worked around the clock, driven in part by a sense of outrage.


“Really what happened is we saw Hershey’s release this International Women’s Day campaign with a biological male,” he said. “The Left likes to talk about erasure, and here they are literally

replacing women with biological men. We thought there are a lot of Americans who won’t think that’s very funny.”

Introducing Jeremy’s Chocolate.

We have two kinds: HeHim and SheHer. One of them has nuts. If you need us to tell you which one, keep buying Hershey’s.https://t.co/pf5NnLcosppic.twitter.com/jmRKTNNwag

— Daily Wire (@realDailyWire) March 3, 2023

Boreing also said that his team had experience in startups after last year’s successful launch of Jeremy’s Razors, which came after Harry’s Razors dropped its advertising with The Daily Wire over the company’s refusal to accept radical transgender ideology.

“We had learned a lot from launching Jeremy’s Razors last year, after Harry’s decided that The Daily Wire’s views were unacceptable to them over a very similar issue, by the way, and pulled all their sponsorship from us for saying that men are men and women are women,” Boreing said. “Very controversial take that we had.”

Jeremy’s Razors went on to sell over 100,000 subscriptions in just six months, and the logistical lessons proved valuable to Boreing’s new venture as a chocolatier. Jermey’s Chocolate has now taken orders requiring more than 20 tons of chocolate, Boreing noted.

“That tells me Americans are really tired, they’re fed up with getting these Left-wing sucker punches,” he said. “All people want to do is go to the store, get a candy bar, shave their face, put their kids in front of the TV — They can’t do any of that anymore without this nonsense.”

“So we’re giving them an alternative and hopefully one that they can smile about, hopefully a little tongue in cheek – although very much real chocolate,” he added.

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