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Dr. Jordan B. Peterson has captivated audiences, outraged more than a few, and inspired millions with his lectures, books and videos. Sign on to DailyWire+ and watch him and a distinguished panel of fellow scholars glean invaluable lessons from the Bible. Then, watch as he shows you how to unlock the secrets to a brighter future, connect more deeply with your loved ones, and set yourself up for success personally and professionally.

Exodus (Part 2). 

With an anti-Judeo-Christian academic class dismissing the validity of the Bible as an academic and historical text, Dr. Peterson offers a detailed discussion and explanation of the first and second books of the Bible. With his popular series of lectures on Genesis, Peterson has formed a team of renowned scholars for an in-depth study of Exodus, exploring the significance of the book thousands of years after it was written. 

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Vision & Destiny

Through real-life experiences and detailed research, Peterson explains how to develop attainable goals to foster relationships, friendships, and careers, helping you get results by starting with a vision. 

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Logos & Literacy 

Dr. Peterson explores the Museum of the Bible in this feature-length documentary, discussing topics that include the Bible’s societal impact and its influence on our worldview. Peterson meets with experts in history, theology, and philosophy, explaining how the Bible shapes our view and understanding of the world through its ability to shape beliefs and values. 


Dr. Jordan B Peterson On Marriage

In this three-part series, Peterson prepares you to better understand, appreciate, and strengthen your relationship with your spouse by achieving a closer connection. 


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