Damar Hamlin Is Off His Breathing Tube; Joined Team Call And Said ‘Love You Boys’

Damar Hamlin’s agent confirmed that the 24-year-old athlete is breathing on his own and able to talk in the most recent update on the NFL player’s health since he collapsed during a Monday night football game, per to the AP.

The Buffalo Bills said in a Twitter update that Hamlin was able to join the Friday morning team meeting via FaceTime from his hospital room. He reportedly told the team, “love you boys.”

Damar Hamlin FaceTimed into our team meeting today to talk to players and coaches.

What he said to the team: “Love you boys.” ❤️ pic.twitter.com/8dorrWNaxt

— Buffalo Bills (@BuffaloBills) January 6, 2023

As of Thursday, Hamlin was still listed in critical condition in the intensive care unit of the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, but small details about his progress have been trickling in, according to the AP. Hamlin had reportedly been communicating by squeezing people’s hands and in writing. 

The team said in a statement that Hamlin’s “neurologic function remains intact and he has been able to talk to his family and care team.”

“So we know that it’s not only that the lights are on. We know that he’s home. And it appears that all the cylinders are firing within his brain, which is greatly gratifying for all of us,” Dr. Timothy Pritts said of Hamlin’s status. “He still has significant progress he needs to make, but this marks a really good turning point in his ongoing care.”

“When he asked did we win, the answer is, yes, you know, Damar, you won, you’ve won the game of life,” Pritts said.

Football fans have been eagerly waiting for updates ever since Hamlin suddenly collapsed following a seemingly normal collision with Bengals receiver Tee Higgins during the first quarter of the game. Doctors say the player experienced cardiac arrest but still don’t have any answers as to why it happened. 

Hamlin’s uncle Dorrian Glenn told CNN earlier this week about how serious things were for his nephew that night.

“His heart had went out so they had to resuscitate him twice,” Glenn said. “They resuscitated him on the field before they brought him to the hospital and then they resuscitated him a second time when they got him to the hospital.”

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