Democrat Ned Lamont Bests Stefanowski In Connecticut Gubernatorial Matchup: Projection

Democrat Ned Lamont Bests Stefanowski In Connecticut Gubernatorial Matchup: Projection

Democratic Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont cruised to re-election in the deep-blue state Tuesday evening, besting Republican challenger Bob Stefanowski in the pair’s second gubernatorial matchup, according to a projection from Decision Desk HQ.

Both wealthy men, Lamont and Stefanowski spent big money on the race — even more than in their previous matchup years ago. Lamont and Stefanowski spent a combined total of $34 million through October 30, with the incumbent outspending his Republican challenger 2-1, The CT Mirror reported November 1.

This cycle Lamont spent a total of $21.7 million, far more than the $15.9 million the Democrat spent in the 2018 matchup, the report noted. Stefanowski shelled out $12.2 million, almost doubling the $6.6 million he spent on the previous gubernatorial race, which he lost by 3%.

Mirroring most midterms races across the nation, the Connecticut gubernatorial election was focused on the economy — specifically decades-high inflation; crime, and abortion.

As the race tightened last month, Lamont campaign press secretary Onotse Omoyeni hit Stefanowski for his “extreme anti-choice and anti-gun safety positions.”

“As has been clear throughout this race, Bob’s extreme anti-choice and anti-gun safety positions – coupled with his constant negativity – continue to turn voters against his candidacy,” Omoyeni told the Connecticut Examiner, adding that Lamont “remains laser-focused on working to grow Connecticut’s economy, providing relief for Connecticut families, and getting our fiscal house in order.”

Stefanowski focused on crime and the economy, blasting his opponent for failing his constituents during his four-year term.

“Governor Lamont has had four years to fix the state and he’s failed,” the Republican told the outlet. “Higher taxes are making inflation worse, people feel less safe, and our state economy is tanking.”

“More people every day realize that one-party rule is failing us and it’s time for a change,” Stefanowski added. “(Lt. gubernatorial candidate) Laura Devlin and I have detailed plans to make CT more affordable and safe on Day One and we are looking forward to the final weeks of this race.”