‘Demolishing Women’: Piers Morgan Confronts Trans Activist On Men In Women’s Sports

Discussing men and boys competing in women’s sports with a trans activist from Oxford University, Piers Morgan called the practice “grotesquely unfair and unequal,” only for the activist to protest she had no idea that there was even a problem.

Morgan pointed out that he had invited the president of Oxford University LGBTQ+ Society to come on the program, but was rebuffed.

“That person did not come on your show because they have been subject to this consistent program of hate that I’ve been talking about,” trans activist Riz Possnett responded, adding, “The reason that other people don’t want to take up interviews like this or be on platforms like this is because of the hate campaign that we are being subjected to … “

“Here’s my problem with the rest of your colleagues,” Morgan stated. “They don’t want to debate because they don’t want to hear someone saying something they don’t like.”

“With regard to a debate: first of all, I don’t believe that trans lives should be a debate,” Possnett declared.

“No one’s debating trans lives,” Morgan asserted. “No one’s debating trans rights to fairness and equality. I’ve certainly never… I’ve only ever supported trans rights to fairness and equality.” Then he threw down the gauntlet: “But if you’re going to stand there now on television and say that you believe what’s happening now in women’s sport, for example, is anything but grotesquely unfair and unequal, then say so, if you genuinely believe it.”

“I think what’s grotesquely unfair and unequal is the violence and hatred that trans people are consistently facing in the media, in person, in public and online,” Possnett deflected.

“That wasn’t my question,” Morgan persisted. “Is it fair that trans athletes are now demolishing women born with female biological bodies at women’s sports. Is that fair? Yes or no?”

“This is a really boring point but I’m happy to answer it,” Possnett said.

“Give me a simple yes or no,” Morgan fired.

“That’s not happening,” Possnett insisted.

 “Oh, it’s not happening,” Morgan said sarcastically. “All right. You’re obviously not reading the papers. You’re not watching TV. You are totally oblivious to the reality of what’s happening. … Ignorance is bliss, right?”

“That’s not happening” says activist Riz Possnett, when Piers Morgan asks if trans athletes are eroding women’s sports.

Konstantin Kisin responds: “It’s a religious worldview whereby your beliefs don’t require evidence.”@piersmorgan | @KonstantinKisin | @TalkTV | #PMU pic.twitter.com/7cTBxiihhy

— Piers Morgan Uncensored (@PiersUncensored) May 22, 2023

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