‘Did You Kill Your Wife, Brian?’: Reporters Ambush Accused Killer After He Pleads ‘Not Guilty’

Accused murderer Brian Walshe, 47, was ambushed by reporters on Wednesday as he left the court after pleading “not guilty” in his wife Ana’s disappearance — which is now being treated as a murder.

Walshe was charged with several felonies — including assault with the intent to kill his wife and disinterring a body without the proper authority — and he appeared in Quincy District Court in Massachusetts on Wednesday morning for his arraignment.

JUST IN. Brian Walshe pleads not guilty to murdering his wife #AnaWalshe pic.twitter.com/gzl5bYh110

— Josh Benson (@WFLAJosh) January 18, 2023

Walshe entered a plea of “not guilty,” but the judge ordered him to be held without bail until his next status hearing, scheduled as a virtual appearance for February 9.

Reporter Ashleigh Banfield described what it was like to be inside the courtroom during Walshe’s arraignment, noting that at one point, she had caught him staring at her: “I couldn’t take my eyes off of him (Brian Walshe) and realized at one point he was staring at me.”

She went on to explain that the prosecutor had gone through so many new details that she had been unable to keep up with them all.


“I couldn’t take my eyes off of him (Brian Walshe) and realized at one point he was staring at me … It was a bit of a chill.”@TVAshleigh was present in the courtroom as a prosecutor charged Brian Walshe with the murder of his wife #AnaWalshe.

MORE: https://t.co/I1vaIFzczn pic.twitter.com/ip0UROmOO2

— NewsNation (@NewsNation) January 18, 2023

“It was a bit of a chill, hearing the details of what the prosecutors allege he did to his wife, Ana Walshe,” she said during a NewsNation segment on Wednesday. “I also couldn’t write fast enough. That’s how many details were unloaded in this court hearing.”

Among the details Banfield recounted: Ana Walshe’s DNA — along with her husband’s – on a Tyvek suit he allegedly purchased during a trip to Home Depot that was confirmed by security cameras; internet searches — using his son’s iPad — asking how long before a dead body might begin to smell or how to stop a body from decomposing, how long DNA might “last,” and whether or not body parts could be thrown away; and Ana Walshe’s blood on discarded clothing and jewelry.

Walshe had previously been charged with misleading police after they later determined that his first interactions with authorities appeared to be intentionally leading them in the wrong direction.

As Walshe left the court with his police escorts, reporters who had been waiting outside shouted questions at him. “Did you kill your wife, Brian?”

“Did you kill your wife? Did you kill your wife Brian?” – media yelling. #BrianWalshe #AnaWalshe @CourtTV pic.twitter.com/DcIuaClg9D

— Matt Johnson (@MattJohnsonNEWS) January 18, 2023

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