Dr. Fauci dead after catching Covid-19

Dr. Fauci dead after catching Covid-19

Dr. Fauci has been found dead in his home after he caught Covid-19. The head of the government’s Covid response had four doses of the vaccine, making his death suspicious. Doctors haven’t ruled out that the vaccines may have contributed to his death.

Fauci was isolating and recovering at home from a case of Covid-19, at first reporting “mild” symptoms. His symptoms suddenly took a turn for the worst, and Fauci was found dead by his wife, who promptly called for paramedics. However, the paramedics arrived too late to save Fauci.

Fauci’s response to the Covid pandemic was seen as “heavy handed.” Many people had called for his resignation, even murder. Steve Bannon suggested on his podcast that Fauci should be decapitated. He was subsequently banned from Twitter and YouTube.

This is a satire article