Drunk Driver With Cocaine In System Kills Even Drunker Driver With Meth In System: Report

Drunk Driver With Cocaine In System Kills Even Drunker Driver With Meth In System: Report

They say “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” — unless you go out drunk driving while high on cocaine and crash into a car, killing a person who is also drunk driving while high on meth. Then, what happens in Sin City becomes national news.

KTLA reported that Summer Butler, 37, is facing charges of DUI resulting in death, reckless driving, and being in possession of a controlled substance in relation to a crash that killed an unidentified victim.

According to police, Butler was driving on January 14 with a blood alcohol level of .102. Blood tests also revealed that she had cocaine in her system, compounded by the fact that while a medic was tending to her injuries sustained from the crash, “a small baggie containing a white substance fell out of the left side of her bra,” police alleged.

However, her victim this past winter was allegedly even drunker than she was. Police claim that the deceased had a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit and had a substantial amount of methamphetamine in his or her system as well.

It is unclear why it took so long for Butler to be taken in by authorities, but KTLA reported that an arrest warrant was placed on the suspect in June. After being arrested on August 30, Butler was offered a $15,000 bail.

The judge also ordered her to stay away from drugs and alcohol, if she posted bail. So, the only thing ensuring that the suspect will not get in a car and drunk drive is her word. The woman in question had previously been arrested and convicted of a DUI in 2017 in Omaha, Nebraska.

Butler has not posted bail and still remains in Clark County Detention Center.

A photo of the tragic incident shows that the two cars involved were demolished:

Speeding woman on cocaine kills drunk driver high on meth in North Las Vegas, police say https://t.co/r6WqAQM1Wv pic.twitter.com/fLZ1IRIWZs

— KTLA (@KTLA) September 7, 2022

This story is undoubtedly sad all around. But it highlights the absurdity of our legal system in certain parts of the country — a drunk driving/drugged-driving suspect can allegedly kill a victim in January, not have an arrest warrant issued until June, get arrested in late August, and still be offered cash bail despite having a prior DUI?

On what planet does that sound like a properly run society?

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