EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: NY Parent Told Maskless 8-Year-Old Will Be Segregated, Not Given ‘Instruction’ Despite Court Ruling

A father of an eight-year-old boy at a public school in Spencerport, New York, was told by an elementary school principal that his child, who was not wearing a mask, will be barred from receiving any “instruction” for the day and will be segregated from others classmates, sitting in her office with one other maskless student instead of his classroom.

Video provided exclusively to The Daily Wire shows father Christopher Spallina speaking with Taylor Elementary School Principal Telcie Pincelli, Tuesday morning. Pincelli confirms to Spallina on video that his child will be “segregated” and “treated differently” because he is not wearing a mask.

She also tells the dad she understands “parental rights” and acknowledges the New York Supreme Court on Monday night found the New York state mask mandate to be illegal.

The New York Department of Education is contending that have a right to enforce the mandate because they are appealing the Supreme Court ruling.

Courtesy of Christopher Spallina

When Spallina arrives at school with his son, the principal comes to speak with the dad because Spallina’s son is not wearing a mask.

“I understand you have parental rights,” Principal Pincelli tells the father, video shows. “I under completely, sir. And so, right now, this is where we are. You have the option to take him [the eight-year-old boy] home, or, again, if he’s refusing to wear a mask, I will keep him away from the other students throughout the day…”

“That’s segregation?” Spallina interjects.

Pincelli seems to acknowledge as much. “I understand, sir. Yeah, I know. I know,” she responds.

“Just know that, if he’s segregated and treated differently than any other student we will be contacting our lawyer, and we will be coming to sue the school district,” Spallina says.

“I understand. I understand. I know.”

“Have you seen the actual official court document?” Spallina asks, showing the principal a copy of the NY Supreme Court ruling on the mandate.

“I have. I have,” Pincelli replies, telling Spallina “to reach out” to the school’s superintendent. The father said he did already and has not heard back.

Spallina then tries to comfort his child and tells him the school cannot “treat” him “differently,” and if he is treated differently, to let him know.

That’s when the principal interjects to tell Spallina his child will indeed be treated differently. “I can let you know now,” she says, “he will be.”

“I’m just gonna let you know, he’ll be in my office,” Pincelli tells Spallina, adding that the eight-year-old “won’t have instruction today. I’ll send down work, but he won’t be in front of a teacher.”

“Denying him an education just because he’s not wearing a mask is completely illegal,” Spallina responds.

“I understand,” Pincelli says.

“Ya know?” Spallina responds. “I know,” the principal answers.

“And I’m sorry to put you in this position … but it’s time for you guys to stand up, too, and say enough is enough,” Spallina asserts.

“Yup, I understand,” the principal responds.

“So, baby, you will be going into the school, alright? Nobody will be treating you any different, okay?” Spallina tells his child. “Unfortunate that you’ll be in the office, but when I leave here I will be contacting our attorney and going from there. But for now, at least they’re letting you in school and that’s a big step.”

“Yeah, true,” the eight-year-old tells his father.

Before Spallina leaves, he thanks the principal and tells her he did not come to the school “to start anything, we came here to exercise our rights.”

“I know you didn’t,” the principal responds.

The Daily Wire reached out to Principal Pincelli Tuesday morning about the incident but did not get a reply in time for publication. Any response will be added to the post.


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