Freedom Convoy Organizer Tearfully Tells Of Canadians Helping Truckers

Freedom Convoy Organizer Tearfully Tells Of Canadians Helping Truckers

On Sunday, Freedom Convoy organizers Benjamin Dichter, Tamara Lich, and Chris Barber held a press conference, and Lich broke down in tears when discussing the help that Canadians across the country had offered to the truckers in their odyssey across the country.

A reporter commented, “I know a lot of people have kind of given up on humanity in general over the course of all this, but for myself personally, on the convoy out here, at the stop, seeing people going around giving out boxes and boxes of hearty sandwiches , bags made up, It had us in tears, bags with kids drawing notes for the truckers, writing them letters on cookies …”

Lich, tearing up, replied, “It was so moving. That’s going to make me emotional. We had so many people that would come up and hug us and just say, tell their stories of how they lost everything, or their mother died alone. This lady, she was from Ontario; she had a 12-year-old boy who has muscular dystrophy, and he was rapidly losing the mobility in his hips because he couldn’t go to a swimming pool for his swimming therapy.”

“But underneath all those stories that are so heartbreaking is just this determination and this resilience of the Canadian people,” she then asserted. “I mean, we’ve already won, because look at all those people out there yesterday. I’ve never seen so many smiles, right? Everyone’s got hope again. Everyone’s feeling pride to be Canadian, which is something that we haven’t felt for so long, which is really important. So in that sense, we’ve already won.”

A reporter asked, “Do you think this was more of a cultural moment in Canadian history than it was political?”

Lich and Harper answered, “Absolutely,” as Dichter nodded.

Exchange starts at 14:07:

Convoy organizers hold first live press conference from an undisclosed location in Ottawa. #FreedomConvoy2022

— Keean Bexte (@TheRealKeean) January 30, 2022

Western Standard reported, “First Nations, Hutterite communities, and Canadian veterans are coming together to show support for the Freedom Convoy, says Dave MacKenzie, owner of Canadian Trucking Magazine. … About 25 Hutterite communities came together to feed truckers. The Hutterites followed the convoy into Ontario, bringing thousands of dollars in food to those participating, said MacKenzie.”

“The Canadian province of Nova Scotia made it illegal for people to gather along a highway ahead of the ‘Freedom Convoy’ of truckers that made their way across the country in protest of vaccine mandates. The local government issued ‘a directive under the Emergency Management Act prohibiting protesters from blockading Highway 104 near the Nova Scotia-New Brunswick border,’” Fox News reported, adding, “Those who disobey face fines between $3,000 to $10,000, while corporations face fines between $20,000 and $100,000.”

“Reports on social media indicate that truckers in the US may be planning a similar demonstration that would see them drive from California in the West to the country’s capital in Washington DC,” the BBC noted.

Evidence of support from the truckers could reportedly be found all over social media:

For hours on end, kids and families have been sending heartfelt messages of support for the #TruckersForFreedom convoy.

And check out @BezirganMocha whose following the group all the way to Ottawa, with your help at

— Syd Fizzard (@SydFizzard) January 25, 2022

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