Freshman GOP Senator Katie Britt Regulates The Regulators

The reality is that the GOP can’t do much in Congress without full control of the Senate and with a Democratic president. Worse, it seems whenever the Senate GOP does do something that advances legislative action, it’s bipartisan nonsense that always advances the leftist agenda — they never seem to be able to get Democrats to move to the right.

Yet that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few bright spots worth highlighting in the nation’s capital. Consider freshman Sen. Katie Britt (R-AL), who has had a stellar week, particularly as she grilled federal bank regulators on Wednesday who say that they need more federal power in order to protect the American people from the financial crisis.

Britt scrutinized Federal Vice Chairman Michael Barr during a hearing on the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, asking why they need more power if they haven’t used all that has been given to them.

“So you’ve talked about your review, which is ongoing. In that review, will you take a look if you used all of the tools in your toolbox to prevent this both before and after?” she asked.

Barr claimed that he would like for the formal review to be submitted before answering her inquiry — which is reasonable. Yet it raises the question, the government can’t confirm or deny it used all of its “tools” — why is it asking for more power? The GOP senator narrowed in on that point.

“I find it concerning though when you all were asked, ‘Would you like to see more powers, more strength?’” she pressed. “Every single one of you said yes. … I think this is what people hate about Washington: we have a crisis and you come in here without knowing whether or not you did your job, and you say you want more.” 

A star is born.

— Tim Meads (@TimMeadsUSA) March 29, 2023


It’s a good question and one that the Democrats don’t have an answer to. Their knee-jerk reaction is that more government power is always the solution. Now, President Joe Biden is demanding more banking regulations — without even seeing the formal review of what happened to SVB. Thank goodness for folks like Britt who can expose that logic, or lack thereof.

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