Friday Afternoon Update: Amazon Layoffs, Kinzinger To CNN, Speaker Update

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Amazon Layoffs

Amazon’s chief executive Andy Jassy announced Wednesday that the company is going to cut 18,000 jobs. In a blog post, Jassy blamed an “uncertain economy” and rapid hiring over the last few years. Another big tech company, Salesforce, announced it will lay off 10% of its 80,000 employees.

Bankruptcy At Bed Beth And Beyond?

Bed Bath and Beyond is also facing hardship, with the home goods retailer warning investors Thursday that bankruptcy may be in its future. The company said its sales were about a third lower than the year before, including the run-up period to Black Friday. The company’s share price also tumbled more than 20% in early trading on Thursday.

McCarthy Gains Momentum In Race For Speaker

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) campaign to become speaker gained momentum Friday as several GOP holdouts flipped and voted for him on the 12th ballot.

Republican members-elect who voted for McCarthy in Friday’s first ballot after opposing him in the first 11 votes this week included: Dan Bishop (NC), Josh Brecheen (OK), Mike Cloud (TX), Andrew Clyde (GA), Byron Donalds (FL), Paul Gosar (AZ), Anna Paulina Luna (FL), Mary Miller (IL), Ralph Norman (SC), Andy Ogles (TN), Scott Perry (PA), Chip Roy (TX), and Keith Self (TX).

Victoria Spartz (R-IN), who voted for McCarthy on Tuesday and then “present” on Wednesday and Thursday, went back to voting for McCarthy on Friday.

Tesla Driver Intentionally Tried Kill Passengers, Police Say

Officials said Tuesday that the driver of a Tesla that went off of a 250-foot cliff in California intentionally drove the car over the edge. Two children and another adult were inside the vehicle. Miraculously, none of the passengers were killed. The driver “has been placed under arrest for attempted murder and child abuse,” according to California Highway Patrol.

California Teenager Makes Emergency Landing, Credits God

A teenager in California flying a plane made an emergency landing on Monday when the single-engine aircraft unexpectedly lost power near the San Bernardino National Forest.

“God helped me through that one,” he said after the incident.

FTC Proposes Banning Noncompete Clauses

On Thursday, the FTC proposed banning noncompete clauses, which bar former employees of some companies from joining or founding a competing company for a set period after they leave. The FTC claims that these clauses violate a 109-year-old law that bans “unfair methods of competition.”

Kinzinger Goes To CNN

Former Congressman Adam Kinzinger is now a senior political commentator on CNN, the news network announced Wednesday evening.

Democratic Rep. Will Be Sworn In On Comic Book

California Democratic Representative-elect Robert Garcia says he will be sworn in “on the U.S. Constitution,” his citizenship certification — and a rare 1939 first edition comic book of Superman on loan from the Library of Congress. Garcia is a lifelong Superman fan who said he identified with the comic book hero as an immigrant.

Mega Millions Jackpot Hits $940 Million

And, the Mega Millions Jackpot is set to reach an estimated $940 million after nobody won the top prize on Tuesday. People typically take the cashout option, which the group announced will be around $483.5 million. The next drawing is this evening at 11:00 p.m. ET.

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