Friday Afternoon Update: Soros DA Resigns, Bud Light Tries To Distance Itself From Dylan Mulvaney, Banking Worries Rise

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Soros DA Resigns

Progressive Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner of St. Louis resigned Thursday amid efforts by Missouri’s attorney general to remove her for the neglect of her duties. The final straw for Gardner came in February when a teenage volleyball player lost both her legs after being struck by a car. The driver of the car was out on bond for armed robbery and Gardner’s office has been accused of badly botching the case. 

Anheuser-Busch Tries To Distance Itself From Dylan Mulvaney

Anheuser-Busch is continuing to struggle with wholesalers and investors and is reportedly trying to convince them that the partnership with Dylan Mulvaney was insignificant. First, the brewery sent a letter to wholesalers saying it was “one single can given to one social media influencer” and was “not made for production or sale to the general public. This can is not a formal campaign or advertisement.” Then, on Thursday, Michael Doukeris, the CEO of Anheuser-Busch’s parent company’ InBev, told investors that it was “one can, one influencer, one post and not a campaign.” After that Instagram post, Anheuser-Busch lost some $5 billion in market value while in-store sales plummeted 26 percent last week.

Billionaire Buys Epstein’s Islands

A billionaire investor has reportedly purchased Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious private islands in the Caribbean and plans to turn them into a luxury resort.

Stephen Deckoff, the founder of private equity firm Black Diamond Capital Management, bought the islands for $60 million — approximately half of their initial asking price. Deckoff told Forbes that he never met Epstein and had never been on the island until after Epstein was found dead in a jail cell in 2019. Deckoff made the purchase through his investment firm SD Investments LLC. He said in a press release that the plan is to build “a state-of-the-art, five-star, world-class luxury 25-room resort” on the islands.

Americans Worried About Their Money

More turmoil in the banking industry is sparking more concern among Americans that their money may not be safe. A new poll  by Gallup found that nearly half, 48%, of U.S. adults say they are concerned about their money, including 19% who are “very” worried and 29% who are “moderately” worried. 30% said they are “not too worried,” while 20% are “not worried at all.”


Russia Blames U.S. For Kremlin Drone Attack

Russia has claimed that the U.S. was behind recent drone attacks on the Kremlin intended to take out Vladimir Putin. The Kremlin has said the alleged drone attacks were carried out by Ukraine. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has claimed that the drone strikes were part of an assassination attempt by Ukraine on Putin. The U.S. immediately denied the claims.

“We’re still trying to gather information about what happened,” White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said. “And we just don’t have conclusive evidence whatsoever, but what I am certain about is that the U.S. was not involved in any way despite Peskov’s lies. That’s what they are — just lies.”

King Charles III Coronation

And the coronation of King Charles III will take place tomorrow. The ceremony, which dates back more than a thousand years, will be held at Westminster Abbey at 6 a.m. ET. Charles is the 40th reigning monarch crowned at the famous church since 1066.

Colorado Teachers Union Condemns Capitalism

The Colorado Education Association, the largest teachers union in the state, passed a resolution condemning “capitalism,” stating in the resolution that “capitalism is in opposition to fully addressing systemic racism (the school to prison pipeline), climate change, patriarchy, (gender and LGBTQ disparities), education inequality, and income inequality.”

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