Georgia Real Estate Agent With Same Name As Pro Golfer Mistakenly Receives Invite To The Masters

A Georgia man received an unforgettable letter last week when an invitation to compete in the Masters golf tournament was delivered to his address with his name on it.

Scott Stallings, a 60-year-old real estate agent, and his wife Jennifer found an envelope outside of their St. Simons Island, Georgia, home on New Year’s Eve. Upon opening the letter, the couple discovered an invitation to the annual golf tournament that takes place April 6-9, but Stallings, a casual golfer himself, soon realized that the invitation was intended for another Scott Stallings, a pro golfer whom he had watched play on TV.

“Right away, I know this isn’t me,” Stallings said, according to The New York Times. “How in the heck did it show up here?”

Meanwhile, the pro golfer Scott Stallings was beginning to wonder when his Masters invitation would show up after they were sent out the week before Christmas. Stallings knew he had qualified for the tournament after reaching the Tour Championship last year, and thought that maybe his wife, whose name is also Jennifer, was going to give him the invitation for Christmas, the Associated Press reported.

The pro golfer then received a message on Instagram from the other Scott Stallings informing him of the mixup.

“Hi Scott. My name is Scott Stallings as well and I’m from GA. My wife’s name is Jennifer too!” the real estate agent wrote. “I received a FedEx today from the Masters inviting me to play in the Masters Tournament April 6-9, 2023. I’m (100 percent) sure this is NOT for me.”

The American golfer, who now lives in Tennesse, said he used to own a sports management company with an office in St. Simons Island, next to the other Scott Stallings’ condo.

Stallings thanked the man with the same name by inviting him to dinner and giving him tickets to join him for a practice round at the famed Augusta National.

“Literally had been checking the mailbox five times a day and then I got this random DM yesterday,” the golfer said, sharing a screenshot of the message he received. “My Masters invite got sent to a different Scott Stallings.”

Stallings finished second in the BMW Championship, resulting in a top-30 finish in the Tour Championship, which includes a coveted spot in the Masters. Stallings made two previous appearances at Augusta National, with his best finish in 2012 when he tied for 27th.

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