Georgia State Employee Fakes Pregnancy For Paid Time Off — Again. Gets Busted After Co-Worker Sees ‘Womb’ Fall Off: Report

Georgia State Employee Fakes Pregnancy For Paid Time Off — Again. Gets Busted After Co-Worker Sees ‘Womb’ Fall Off: Report

For the second time in two years, a Georgia state employee has been accused of faking her own pregnancy in order to receive paid time off from her government job that pays $100,000 per year. Co-workers reportedly became suspicious that Robin Folsom, 43, a communications director for Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (GVRA), was lying about being pregnant after one co-worker witnessed her fake womb fall off the woman’s body. After the baby was “born,” her colleagues also noticed discrepancies in the baby’s appearances that led many to believe Folsom was lying, according to authorities. That led to an investigation, resulting in Folsom being indicted on February 10 “by a Fulton County grand jury on three counts of producing False Statements and one count of Identity Fraud,” according to Business Insider. Folsom also faked a pregnancy in 2020, according to officials.

In October 2020, Folsom told GRVA’s human resources department that she was pregnant. In May 2021, Folsom allegedly faked an e-mail from the baby’s “father” Bran Otmembebwe, claiming that his baby-mama needed to time to rest.

The government then approved seven weeks of paid leave. But, in March 2021, “a co-worker noticed a lower portion of Folsom’s stomach coming apart from her body. The co-worker told officials that they believed Folsom was wearing a fake pregnancy stomach.” Additionally, co-workers noticed that the baby had different shades of skin color in each photo she shared with her team.

That led to an Inspector General investigation, which formed the basis of the grand jury indictment. Investigators also claim that Otmembebwe does not exist. Authorities could find any record of him.

 “In October 2021, shortly after an interview with investigators, Folsom resigned from the state agency,” Business Insider reported.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Folsom has a history of making similar false claims:

This was not the first pregnancy that Folsom had faked, the office said. In July 2020, she announced the birth of another child. But the office learned that there was no birth certificate proving Folsom to be a mother. Following a review of medical and insurance records, no indication was found that Folsom had ever given birth, the office said.

The Washington Post also reported that in August 2021, Folsom tried saying she was pregnant again just three months after giving birth that May.

“Fraud by state employees will not be tolerated,” Attorney General Chris Carr said in a statement about Folsom. “By working with Georgia’s independent Inspector General, we were able to discover, investigate and put an end to this alleged deception. We will always stand up to protect taxpayer dollars, and we look forward to presenting our case in court.”

“Folsom is due back in court on April 4. She faces a maximum of 25 years in prison and up to $103,000 in fines if found guilty of all four charges,” The Washington Post added.

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