‘Give Me The Target’: Ted Cruz Demands Receipts When Sunny Hostin Accuses Barr Of Weaponizing DOJ

‘Give Me The Target’: Ted Cruz Demands Receipts When Sunny Hostin Accuses Barr Of Weaponizing DOJ

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) demanded receipts from Sunny Hostin when she claimed on “The View” that former Attorney General William Barr was guilty of politicizing and weaponizing the United States Justice Department.

Cruz joined the regular co-hosts for Monday’s broadcast of the ABC midday talk show, and he argued that it was President Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland who had turned the DOJ into a political weapon, using it to treat parents at school board meetings like domestic terrorists.


Cruz embarrasses Sunny for her LAZY attack on AG Bill Barr.”You’ve said a name. What did Bill Barr do? Give me the target who was persecuted.” She couldn’t.
He called out AG Garland for targeting parents and Sunny showed she didn’t read his book, asking if he wrote about it. pic.twitter.com/ydHd1YtPKf

— Nicholas Fondacaro (@NickFondacaro) October 24, 2022

Republican host Ana Navarro criticized Cruz for his support of former President Donald Trump, arguing that his responsibility was to the U.S. Constitution and the democratic process over any one person.

Cruz agreed — and immediately turned her argument on its head, arguing that Democrats were the ones who were undermining the Constitution by using the FBI and Justice Department to target political opposition.

“The Department of Justice and the FBI have been turned into partisan weapons to attack the political opponents of the Biden administration,” he explained, prompting one of the show’s hosts to choke and cough.

Whoopi Goldberg tried to push back, claiming that it was really Trump who had outright ignored the Justice Department and the way things were supposed to work. “You are talking about we corrupted it, you guys don’t pay any attention to it,” she insisted.

“Whoopi, that’s a great talking point —” Cruz replied, causing Goldberg to bristle and claim that she didn’t “do” talking points.

Cruz went on to argue that the move to subpoena Trump had been primarily political and that no one actually expected him to testify under oath.

“Bill Barr,” Hostin jumped in next, claiming without presenting any actual evidence that the former AG had weaponized the Justice Department.

Cruz called her out, saying, “You’ve said a name. What did Bill Barr do? If he weaponized — give me the target who was persecuted.”

He pivoted again, quickly laying out the evidence against Biden’s AG Garland: “Because I can tell you who the Democrats — Merrick Garland directed the FBI to go after moms and dads who go to school boards and to treat them as domestic terrorists using the Patriot Act. That is fundamentally wrong —”

“Did you write about that in your book?” Hostin challenged.

“Yes, I did,” Cruz replied.