GOP Senator Buys Home In Leftist Virginia Enclave. His Neighbors Aren’t Happy, Target Him.

In another example of just how “tolerant” leftists are of opposing viewpoints, the Virginia neighbors of Ohio GOP senator J.D. Vance reportedly welcomed him by covering up a signpost near his new home.

Vance recently bought a new home in a “close-in Alexandria neighborhood,” a neighborhood described by a resident as “filled with Pride flags and Kindness posters,” Politico’s Playbook reported.

“The purchase, for more than $1.5 million, has some neighbors in the liberal enclave scratching their heads about why the conservative senator who ran against the Washington establishment would choose to live among them,” Politico added.

Apparently the neighbors who champion “Kindness” posters include at least one who decided to “yarn bomb” a signpost near Vance’s home.

“Our needles have also been a sharp political tool, wielded to fight injustice, to express both patriotism and protest, especially when other outlets were forbidden,” one knitter wrote in The New York Times. “No matter how you ended up feeling about those pink pussyhats, it was no accident that women’s first collective act of dissent after the election of President Donald Trump was to knit.”

Alexandria’s city lawmakers are “all proud liberals who have fashioned themselves as champions of organized labor,” The Washington Post noted last July, describing Northern Virginia as “the most liberal pocket of a state long known for its hostility to organized labor.”

Organized labor groups targeted Vance during his senatorial campaign against Democrat Tim Ryan in 2022. Members of the United Steelworkers, the UAW, and the Lima Building Trades participated in a “No Chance Vance” tour.

Vance opposed Ohio’s HR 842, which would require workers to pay union dues and ban companies from replacing striking workers.

“It empowers these national union heads at the expense of workers on the ground,” he stated. “For what it’s worth, I think very much we should have unions, but I think a lot of people don’t necessarily see the connection between their livelihood and what labor unions have done for this country for a century. So, I think if we can modernize the institution and make people see there is a connection between their livelihoods and organizing in the workplace, I think that has a lot of benefits for labor, and for workers, and for everybody else.”

Ryan, who lost to Vance, supported the bill.

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