‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Shows Pro-Lifers As Wild-Eyed Fanatics

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Shows Pro-Lifers As Wild-Eyed Fanatics

On Thursday, the pro-abortion TV drama “Grey’s Anatomy” ran a typically heavy-handed piece in which pro-lifers were portrayed as crazed and out of control .

A scene from the show depicted general surgeon Miranda Bailey, the former Chief of Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, and Ob/Gyn Addison Montgomery as they drove up to the hospital.

Using the conservative state of Idaho as a launching pad for the dialogue, Bailey, who is driving, states, “Patients from Idaho have been flooding the place ever since the state restricted abortion.”

As the two women approach the parking lot, where scores of screaming pro-lifers await them, the voice-over states calmly, “The more experience we have, the less likely we are to be thrown when we encounter complications. We can shift gears more easily when it’s needed.”

The scene shows screaming protesters brandishing signs, then pounding on the windows of the car while Montgomery breathes, “Whoa.”

As the two women exit the car to enter the clinic, one pro-life demonstrator gets in Montgomery’s face and yells, “You’re stopping a beating heart. You’re terminating life and you know it. You’re killing babies.”

As the two women pass by, the pro-lifer yells after them, “You’re a baby-killer because abortion is murder. You took an oath to do no harm,” in a reference to the Hippocratic oath.

ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” on Thursday portrayed pro-life protesters as angry screamers who pound on cars, very scary. At least one was allowed to yell about killing babies and “you took an oath to do no harm!” Yes, that’s right. pic.twitter.com/jSYhiJEDXx

— Tim Graham (@TimJGraham) November 4, 2022

As far back as 2019, “Grey’s Anatomy” released an episode in which a young woman, Cassidy,  in the first trimester of her pregnancy, falls down her basement steps, then is chagrined to discover the baby survived the fall and acknowledges she ate herbs to induce an abortion.

Arriving at the emergency room where she will have to have her spleen removed, Cassidy speaks with Dr. Amelia Shepherd, who tells her that Dr. Owen Hunt can ask an ob-gyn to perform an abortion while she’s having her spleen removed. Hunt refuses, prompting this conversation, as Newsbusters reported:

Amelia: What are you doing?

Owen: You really overstepped in there. I’m a trauma surgeon. I don’t order abortions.

Amelia: You would have if the fetus hadn’t survived.

Owen: But it did.

Amelia: Owen, she’s eight weeks. She doesn’t need a full d&c.

Owen: Exactly. It’s not emergent, but her internal injuries are. So I’m gonna deal with those, and then she can go see an ob.

Amelia: She seems pretty clear in her thinking and committed to her plan. Why not just give her the help she’s asking for?

Owen: Thank you, Amelia, for your consult.

But after the surgery, Amelia tells a nurse to give Cassidy two pills to abort the baby that will terminate the pregnancy, which prompts this conversation:

Owen: Amelia. You crossed a line.

Amelia: She needed help that you wouldn’t give her.

Owen: You don’t work here.

Amelia: Well, from what I’ve heard, most of the people who do lack the skill and sensitivity that I have, so you could just say thank you. Owen, did you really want to force that poor mom to bring another human being onto the planet against her will, or did you refuse her an abortion because I wanted to help her have one?