Groom’s Vulgar Wedding Vows Go Viral On TikTok, Bride Defends His ‘Humor Side’

A Florida-based groom is getting trashed online for his vulgar, unorthodox wedding vows, which were originally posted on TikTok by photographer Jonathan Pajak.

The video clip has since gone viral on multiple platforms, with many commenters urging the bride, Destiny Lentini, to stay far away from her new husband, Michael Lentini.

The TikTok video now has racked up 23.5 million views. In it, Pajak sets the scene by saying he asked the groom if there was anything he wanted to say to his future bride. “I hope we have a lot of sex. A lot,” Michael replied.

The photographer also shared a clip of the couple reading their vows to each other as the groom’s mother officiated. Michael began his speech by saying, “You’re screwed.”

“Only two things are required to keep me happy. Keep my belly full and my balls empty,” the groom told his new bride in front of their gathered guests. “Although you’re amazing at half of it, we really need to get you some cooking lessons.”

“Even when my belly isn’t full there is no one I could love more in this lifetime unless I actually get a chance to meet Margot Robbie,” Michael continued.

“Since the beginning I was always told life gets even better when the kids fall asleep and you tell me to come to the bedroom. Nothing is better than the sound of gagging and headboard slamming.”

At that point the mother of the groom said his name as chastisement, but Michael forged on. “PS, since you’re so good at making decisions like marrying me, you can choose whether tonight’s going to end with being a toaster strudel or a Twinkie.”


The absolute disrespect 🤯

— Brittany Martinez (@BritMartinez) March 30, 2023

Commenters were completely appalled by the groom’s speech.

“My jaw was on the FLOOR… is this real? Immediately no,” one person said.

“I’d leave him at the aisle. Saying that with just me and him is already sad/disappointing but IN FRONT OF MY FAMILY? Mortified and ashamed,” another reaction said.

After the clip went viral, Destiny released a video of her own defending her husband’s “humor.”

“…Yes I’m happy, yes I’m still married, yes I loved my wedding, and there is nothing that I would have changed,” she insisted. “I loved his vows, I loved my vows, I loved our wedding day.”

“His vows showed a piece of his personality which is the humor side – which is definitely Michael,” she added, saying Michael is “too good” for her. 

“You guys don’t truly know him so you don’t understand why or where I’m coming from when I say that,” Destiny concluded.

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