Harris Claims She ‘Rarely, If Ever’ Refers To 3 Nations As ‘Northern Triangle.’ Here Are Times She Did.

Harris Claims She ‘Rarely, If Ever’ Refers To 3 Nations As ‘Northern Triangle.’ Here Are Times She Did.

Democrat Vice President Kamala Harris claimed this week that she “rarely, if ever” refers to three countries in Central America as the “Northern Triangle” because she respects each of their identities, despite the fact that she has repeatedly referred to the countries as the “Northern Triangle.”

The Northern Triangle is a region in Central America that is comprised of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. A large number of migrants that have contributed to Democrat President Joe Biden’s border crisis have come from those countries.

“Madam Vice President Harris, when you compare the three Northern Triangle countries, are there different things that each of them needs?” a reporter asked. “Because you’ve gone to Guatemala — you’ve been there. You’ve been to Honduras for the first time. What are the differences that three different countries need?”

“One aspect of this that I fully appreciate is that they do not want to be considered — nor are they are they — a monolith,” Harris responded. “So each country has its own identity, its own culture, its own history, and that should be respected. Which is why you will see that I rarely, if ever, refer to it as the ‘Northern Triangle,’ because that then treats it as a monolith when it is not.”

“So — but there are commonalities to be sure, but of different proportions, on the issue of what they need in terms of economic systems, for example,” she continued. “There are commonalities that are true for the entire Western Hemisphere in terms of the impact of the climate crisis, and that — what that means in terms of our ability for farming, for an agricultural economy. There are commonalities in terms of the concern that we have about corruption.  Certainly, commonalities about irregular migration, including the use of human smuggling and human trafficking. But there are varying degrees in each. And for that reason, our level of attention to each issue is different and is moderated based on the needs of that particular country.”

The Republican Party quickly tweeted out a clip of Harris’ remarks and included in the video previous examples where she referred to the three countries as the “Northern Triangle”:

“…in the Northern Triangle…”
“…to focus on the Northern Triangle…”
“…not just in the Northern Triangle … to help the Northern Triangle … to combat violence in the Northern Triangle…”
“…and to focus on the Northern Triangle…”
“…one of my areas of focus, which is the Northern Triangle…”
“…that are affecting the Northern Triangle…”
“…to provide immediate relief to the Northern Triangle…to address the root causes in the Northern Triangle.”


Kamala Harris says she “rarely, if ever” refers to Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador as the ‘Northern Triangle,’ out of respect for each country’s “identity.”

Seems like a weird thing to lie about ⤵️ pic.twitter.com/OLx9I8zIEi

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) January 28, 2022


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