‘He Didn’t Want Us To Have Fun’: Taylor Swift Fan Who Prompted Singer To Chastise Security Guard Speaks Out

One unscripted moment from Taylor Swift’s concert in Philadelphia went viral, and now the fan involved is speaking out.

The Grammy Award-winning artist was performing at the Lincoln Financial Field during her “Eras” Tour on Saturday night when she stopped to scold a security guard in the middle of the show. Multiple videos show Swift pausing the song “Bad Blood” to say, “She wasn’t doing anything,” and “Hey! Stop!” and “She’s fine!” during the viral moment. 

Apparently, the security guard had been trying to keep concertgoers from getting too close to one of the erected barriers, as The Daily Wire previously reported.

Not sure what happened during Bad Blood but it was enough Taylor needed to get involved… #erastour #taylorswift #tserastourphilly pic.twitter.com/JcJMmi0dOJ

— Nicolle Bradford (@NicolleBradford) May 14, 2023

Now the woman in question is defending her actions and applauding Swift’s intervention. The Daily Mail reported that the fan involved in the incident was Kelly Inglis Kelly from Baltimore, Maryland.

Kelly made a TikTok video detailing the event and posted it on Sunday using her best friend’s account, they said.

“Ok, I was the girl that Taylor talked to last night,” Kelly claimed in the video. “Basically, the guard had been, like, harassing our group all night… he just kept telling us not to touch the rail and every time we did anything, he was like, on top of us,” she said of her interaction with security.

“We’re dancing, having fun, he didn’t like it, and Taylor noticed that I was having fun and that he didn’t like it, and she didn’t like it, and then he basically, like, got escorted out and then they offered us free tickets for tonight,” Kelly went on. 

She also said that even though the incident made headlines in the coming days, ultimately, it was not a big deal.

“It wasn’t this big crazy thing, it was just like a bunch of girls having a good time and he didn’t want us to have fun,” she said in the TikTok update.

Kelly told Daily Mail that the security guard did not “physically touch them” while trying to get them away from the barricade.

Kelly made another video she posted on her own TikTok account in which she praised Swift for her actions.


“The fact that you did that for me last night, and you stood up for me, meant so, so, so, so much and like, I can’t even explain, like, you did that for me, and for your fans, and if there’s anything I know about you, you just want your fans to go to the show and have fun, and that’s all we were doing,” the fan said.

“It truly, truly meant so much to us that you did that, and to everybody. That you would stop to say something, and it was my 13th show, on the 13th, and I just feel like it was really cool,” she concluded.

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