‘He Is Not Shying Away’: Democrat Claims Biden’s Attacks Are ‘Reaching Across The Aisle’

‘He Is Not Shying Away’: Democrat Claims Biden’s Attacks Are ‘Reaching Across The Aisle’

Former State Senator David Carlucci (D-NY) claimed that President Joe Biden was “reaching across the aisle” to unify Americans when he leveled attacks at some Republicans, accusing them of embracing “semi-fascism.”

Carlucci joined American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp for a discussion on Fox News’ “The Faulkner Focus,” guest-hosted on Wednesday by anchor Sandra Smith — and he argued that Biden’s recent attacks only served as evidence that the president was reaching across the aisle.


WATCH: former NY State Sen. claims that Biden is “reaching across the aisle” when he attacks #2A supporters and “semi-fascists.” pic.twitter.com/4MABMSBrPP

— Virginia Kruta (@VAKruta) August 31, 2022

“I have trouble finding the part of his speech especially yesterday where he is attempting to unite the country,” Smith began, turning the question over the Schlapp first.

“You have a person who said he wanted to unify the country and is now going after 50% of the country. Hillary Clinton tried this. She called people with my values a ‘basket of deplorables,’” Schlapp replied. “When you want to be the president of the United States by running against a huge part of the country, you are not the uniter, you are the divider in chief.”

“The crazy thing when he calls people like me fascists,” he continued. “I’m not one who tried to close churches, I didn’t close them, I didn’t close down schools, I’m not telling people they can’t be in the Marines if they don’t take a vaccine. I don’t have a war on gender or parents. He is what he slurs us to be.”

“David, that’s tough to hear because this is a president that promised, he campaigned on uniting the country. Why is he not reaching across the aisle more as he promised?” Smith asked, then pivoting to Carlucci.

“I think the president is reaching across the aisle,” he objected. “When he is making those statements about the extreme MAGA agenda, he is talking directly to Republicans. He is talking directly to independents. He is not shying away from saying, ‘Look, this is not the entire Republican Party. This is the extreme of the Republican Party that now has a stranglehold on the Republican Party.’”

“These are the issues that are extreme and that’s resonating not just with Democrats but with Republicans as well,” Carlucci claimed.