Hollywood Actress Gets Stuck In Elevator At Film Festival – Firefighters Save The Day

Hollywood Actress Gets Stuck In Elevator At Film Festival – Firefighters Save The Day

Actress Anna Kendrick and her team got stuck in an elevator at the Toronto International Film Festival, and had to wait for firefighters to come to the rescue.

Kendrick documented her temporary captivity on Instagram, sharing a video on Sunday of what had happened behind closed doors — in what appeared to be a very large elevator — while she and her team were waiting to be rescued.


“Ah, the classic ‘I’m behind schedule at this film festival because I had to be rescued from an elevator’ excuse #TIFF22,” Kendrick captioned the video.

Although getting stuck in any small space — particularly when there are multiple people present in that space and there is little room to move around — can be stressful, Kendrick appeared to pass the time by cracking jokes.

“This is why I shouldn’t leave the house without at least, like, a little airplane-sized bottle — because you never know when you’re going together stuck in an elevator,” the actress began, panning her camera to show just how many people were trapped in the elevator with her.

Someone appeared to pass around a pack of chewing gum to share, at which point Kendrick quipped, “Guys, we have to ration the limited food supply that we have.”

“Just vibing in this elevator,” she continued, turning the camera on herself and fluffing her hair. “We love it.” (An on-screen caption read: “They hate it.”)

At that point, a rescue team could be heard saying “open the hatch.”

“Did you say open up the hatch?” Kendrick asked.

“Yeah,” a voice from outside the elevator replied.

“Where is it?” several people inside the elevator asked, and the rescuers informed them that the elevator had gotten stuck between floors.

“Oh, my God,” someone remarked as a panel in the ceiling was lifted out and firefighters slowly lowered a ladder into the elevator.

“This is why I should take the stairs next time,” one said, while another joked, “It’s all the food I ate last night, I knew it.”

One asked, “Are you f***ing kidding me?” when it was her turn to climb out — but the firefighters only responded, “We got you.”

Then it was Kendrick’s turn to go up the ladder, and she was still joking even as she climbed: “It’s a good thing I’m not wearing a short skirt today. And the good Lord said to me, ‘Choose the long skirt …’”

As she got out of the elevator shaft, Kendrick turned to her rescuers and gushed, “I am in love with each and every one of you.” She then posed for a photo with them before getting back to the film festival.