Hugh Hefner’s Ex-Girlfriends Say Former Playboy Founder Would ‘Fake Cry’ To ‘Get His Way With A Girl’

Hugh Hefner’s Ex-Girlfriends Say Former Playboy Founder Would ‘Fake Cry’ To ‘Get His Way With A Girl’

Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriends, Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt, said that the Playboy founder would “fake cry” in order to “get his way with a girl” and more.

During the former “The Girls Next Door” stars’ latest podcast, “Girls Next Level,” Hefner’s ex-girlfriends spilled more details about what they said happened during the time they lived in the Playboy mansion. One of those things was that they said Hugh would “start fake crying” if the girls got emotional about something.

“Hef [Hefner] would fake cry when he was trying to get his way with a girl,” Holly explained.

“Like, if we were emotional about something or asking for something, he would start fake crying and it was such bad acting and so obvious,” she added. “For the longest time I never talked to anybody about it because I thought maybe I was the only one noticing this.”

“But I remember, not long after Kendra [Wilkinson] moved in, she goes, ‘Does Hef fake cry? Because I was talking to him and he started fake crying,’” Madison continued. “And I was like, ‘Finally, I know I’m not insane.’ …It was insane just how obvious it was and how bad acting was, but you can’t say anything because he’s the one who has all the power in the relationship.”


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The former “Girls Next Door” star, Madison, went on to explain how weird she found it that she couldn’t come straight out and accuse the late-Playboy mogul of it “fake crying ” — she compared it to him gaslighting her and the other girls.

“It was insanity and somеthing I would have nеvеr еxpеctеd from a cultural icon,” Holly shared. “I just had this idea in my mind of what I thought Hеf was gonna bе basеd on what hе’d accomplishеd … and hе’s a fakе criеr.”

Marquardt agreed and said the “fake crying” was “a hundred percent for real.”

The “Girls Next Level” podcast centers on the former Playboy Playmates rewatching their hit show, about life inside the Playboy mansion that ran from 2005 to 2010, as they dish about what they said happened behind-the-scenes.

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