Hunter Biden was arrested, quietly released

Hunter Biden was arrested, quietly released

Jason Pires

Hunter Biden was arrested at his home in Malibu and charged with multiple counts of foreign interference and possession of child pornography. Interestingly, he was quietly released not long after his arrest, and not a single media outlet reported on it.

The foreign interference charges stem from his connection to Ukrainian agents that were allegedly giving him large cash payments and access to child prostitutes in exchange for political favours from his father, Joe Biden.

The child pornography charges related to the material found on his laptop. When first reported by the NY Post, the contents of his laptop were brushed aside as “Russian disinformation.” The left-leaning NY Times has now admitted that the laptop was genuine, and that it contained incriminating evidence.

As a result of a federal investigation into the contents of the laptop, and constant covert surveillance of the President’s son, charges have now been filed against Hunter Biden. The troubled first son was arrested at his home by federal agents and taken to an unknown location to avoid publicity. His arrest was kept off the books, hence, no public records of his arrest exist.

This is only the beginning of trouble for Hunter Biden, and the rest of his corrupt family. Sources within the FBI state they are also investigating the President for his connections to Communist China. Biden is accused of taking large cash payments from Chinese diplomats in exchange for favourable treatment from the US government.

Because this story doesn’t involve Trump, or any Republicans, it is unlikely the MSM will even report on it. The NY Times will likely wait a couple years before they admit this story is real. Until then, you have the Vancouver Times.

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