‘I Could Lose It Too’: Cardi B Says Her Massive Net Worth Isn’t Recession-Proof, Fans React

Rapper Cardi B shared a message with fans who were mocking her for worrying about the recession

It all started earlier this week when the “Bodak Yellow” star tweeted, “We going through a recession…..Merry Christmas.”

The comments were flooded with fans sharing their opinions on the sentiment, with some urging her to vote differently and others making fun of Cardi for complaining about money. She responded to one who wrote, “Says the rapper worth 40 million,” alongside a GIF of a man nodding his head and rolling his eyes.

I’m worth more then that and guess what ? If I don’t save ,work and budget I could lose it too! What makes you think that no matter how much money you got you can’t lose it all if you don’t manage your money correctly.I too have bills,responsibilities and people I have to help. https://t.co/QWIaj5Lpma

— Cardi B (@iamcardib) December 20, 2022

The singer, whose real name is Belcalis Almanzar, replied with, “I’m worth more [than] that and guess what? If I don’t save, work and budget I could lose it too!”

“What makes you think that no matter how much money you got you can’t lose it all if you don’t manage your money correctly. I too have bills, responsibilities and people I have to help,” she added.

While that wasn’t enough to convince many of her 27 million followers, a few seemed to agree that even millionaires were capable of going broke.

“Exactly cardi. Like I could be worth 2m bringing in 500k a year but if my expenses are 450K what am I? BROKE. Like people don’t get it, especially being the ‘breadwinner’ in the family we take care of others, send money, help out etc, sh** can go QUICK,” one reply said.

This isn’t the first time Cardi B has mentioned the economy. In June, she asked on Twitter, “When y’all think they going to announce that we going into a recession?”

Fans were amused by the “I Like It” singer seeming to care more about economics than government officials do. 

“Even Cardi misses Trumponomics,” one person tweeted in response.

“So the person who wrote ‘WAP’ is more informed than the United States government. Lol,” another agreed.

Matt’s Idea Shop came up with a funny alternate meaning for the acronym for the rapper’s raunchy song “WAP.” He said in light of current events, the song “stands for Weak A** President.”

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