If You Think Nick Saban Is Done, Guess Again

If You Think Nick Saban Is Done, Guess Again

Sometimes we all fall victim to getting caught up in the moment in all walks of life.

Sometimes we forget to look at large data sets and only go by recent bias, which is why I am telling anyone and everyone that if you think Nick Saban and Alabama are coming back down to reality, don’t count on it.

There are three different entities I never question: God, Nick Saban, and my fiance.

There is a little room for worry seeing as Alabama is losing games in ways we haven’t seen in a long time, with self inflicted wounds.

In the past, the few losses that Bama suffered were because a team either played out of their minds for four quarters or something crazy happened. But this team is losing in the way that Bama typically beats people.

While it may sound confusing when you hear Saban use the term ‘process,’ he is really referring to getting the best players to play the most disciplined.

In the game of football most teams lose games, they don’t win them. When you are counting on 11 people to do the right thing consistently, that is just how it goes.

And Saban’s formula has always been to get more talented players to play more buttoned up than your guys and let gravity do the rest.

This year we’ve seen Alabama get penalized more than a husband who doesn’t shut the kitchen cabinets when he takes something out, and we have seen very uncharacteristic blunders on special teams and areas where Bama usually out disciplines opponents.

Saban runs on HGH, Little Debbies, and coffee — which I am starting to believe may be the recipe for the fountain of youth. This year seems more of an anomaly than what we have seen when you look at the whole data set.

It is good to see some fresh faces and new blood at the college football playoff table, but if you think Saban or Alabama are just about done, guess again, he is the GOAT for a reason.

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