‘Il Presidente’: Italy’s First Female Prime Minister Is No Feminist

Giorgia Meloni is the first Italian female Prime Minister. 

The deeper meaning of this has not yet been fully grasped outside of Italy.

Various international media have pointed out that Meloni won the elections leading a Right-wing party — and mentioning the Italian Right always evokes the smell of fascism. At least until today.

Few, however, have understood the true meaning of her victory.

Giorgia Meloni’s election to prime minister defeats decades of radical feminist propaganda, demonstrating in practice that the “feminist” approach was not the reason for her success. 

Italy has been a target of feminist propaganda for many decades.

The Soviet Union largely fueled and financed the feminist propaganda prevalent in the Italian Communist Party during the immediate post-war period. Feminism became more radicalized in the late ‘60s, and years later it found a powerful ally in the European Union.

Since the 2000s, the European Union has imposed gender quotas and national and local ministries of equal opportunities, which — instead of working on equal opportunities — have simply allocated resources to give power to women.

These great powers are fully committed to imposing a feminist approach in all institutions and all levels of government.

Yet, all this powerful neo-feminism promoted by the Italian Left over many decades has not achieved any real political results. In Italy, there are no Left-wing female political leaders.

All of the gender quotas and the militant, male-phobic feminist war against a fictional patriarchy has not produced any female presidents of the Republic, no presidents of the Council (Italian Prime Minister), or any presidents of the Senate (the only woman was center-Right).

The only two women to ever reach the top were Nilde Jotti and Laura Boldrini. 

In the late ‘70s, Jotti served as president of the Chamber of Deputies. She was also a known lover of Palmiro Togliatti, the powerful leader of the Italian Communist Party and proconsul of Stalin in Italy. Laura Boldrini served as president of the Chamber of Deputies for five years and also as a former Italian official at the United Nations. 

Moreover, none of the Left-wing parties that supported feminism ever had a woman as its secretary.

They talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

Yet, throughout Italian history, many women have been in power. From Caterina Sforza to Maria Luisa of Habsburg-Lorraine to Matilda of Canossa — all held positions of power long before the rise of modern feminism.

History proves women in Italy only seek power in the absence of feminism, not because of it. 

Giorgia Meloni was, in fact, never a feminist. She did not question the rules of her party, is not the product of gender quotas, and won an election in a head-to-head competition with men in a party where the word “feminism” alone causes allergic reactions.

In her first speech, she thanked 16 women “for having demonstrated the value of Italian women, as I hope to be able to do now.” None of them were radical feminists.

That’s why the male-phobic radical feminists have literally gone crazy.

The first was Rula Jebreal. Of Palestinian origin, Jebreal calls herself a journalist but is not registered in the (compulsory) journalists’ association, rather she is a visiting professor in Florida.

She is famous for her irrational hatred, as when she attacked important Italian journalist Nicola Porro just for being a white male. Ever since Meloni was elected, she’s been attacking her with a fierce hatred, blaming her for her father’s drug conviction. Meloni’s father abandoned her when she was in diapers and her last contact with him was when she was 11. 

She then attributed to Meloni racist phrases and concepts that Meloni never said or supported. In response, Meloni declared she would sue her. Jebreal then tweeted: “All autocrats use such threats to intimidate & silence those who call them out & expose them.” Evidently it is not enough for Jebreal to understand the rule of law.

But she’s not the only one enraged by the collapse of the feminist golden calf.

In the Italian language, there are only two genders, male and female, which denote each word, and which are distinct from the natural gender. The sun is male, the moon is female, the sea is male, the forest is female. No one thinks of the sun with a mustache or the moon in a skirt, it’s simply a linguistic rule.

Feminists, on the other hand, have wagged great battles over the years to transform some male words into feminine, when referring to women, often causing outbursts of laughter.

Giorgia Meloni, just elected, has expressly asked to be called “il presidente,” in the male form.

The “Academy of Crusca,” the main institution for the Italian language, immediately pointed out that it is grammatically correct.

But the radical, male-phobic feminists were enraged. After years of shouting about the need to install women in places of power, they now say it is not the sex of the leader that counts, it is the model of power used.

Are they saying male-phobic feminists were better off with men?

The former President of the Chamber Laura Boldrini, standard-bearer of this battle, exploded, arousing the hilarity of the web, “What prevents you from claiming your primacy in the language? Treccani says that the roles must be declined.”

Treccani is a publishing company that has just published a controversial woke-friendly dictionary.

And she continues, “To affirm the feminine is too much for the leader of FDI, party that already in the name forgets the Sisters?”.

The name of Meloni’s Party is “Fratelli d’Italia” (FDI), which means “Brothers of Italy,” that is the beginning of the Italian anthem, but Boldrini seems to have forgotten it.

Meloni is one of the few figures in Italy who fights against gender theory and yet is accused of being a part of the conspiracy. Why? Because the strategy in Italy is to schizophrenically deny the existence of gender theory and defend it at the same time. 

Recently, leftist mayors began calling for the censorship of anti-gender posters. And they do so by saying the posters discriminate by mentioning “alleged gender theory.”

One of the main problems is that Italians do not speak English and do not follow what is happening in the culture war.

Instead, there is an important interest of the woke world in Italy. The communication agency Social Changes, famous for having edited the digital campaigns of many democratic candidates in the United States, starting with Barack Obama, has landed in Italy with the aim of “building a transnational Left.” They are investing in LGBTQ+ champion, Elly Schlein — whose political career has all of the sudden gone from nothing to Member of the European Parliament — and is now in the running to become leader of the Left-wing party.

It seems even Italy is now identifying with the new Left and embracing woke culture, while the Right reinforces its defense of traditional values.

But sooner or later feminists in Italy will be faced with the simple and brilliant question of Matt Walsh: “What is a woman?” 

They will have a tough time answering that question if they continue to follow the lead of radical feminism and woke culture. 

Paolo Gambi is an Italian multimedia artist, poet, and a contributor to “Il Giornale,” Italy’s primary conservative newspaper. 

The views expressed in this piece are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of The Daily Wire.

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