Incumbent Democrat Michael Bennet Projected To Win Colorado Senate Seat

Incumbent Democrat Michael Bennet Projected To Win Colorado Senate Seat

Incumbent Colorado Democratic Senator Michael Bennet is projected to win his race against Republican opponent Joe O’Dea, a political first-time candidate and businessman.

The race was projected by Decision Desk at 10:17 p.m. EST on Tuesday night.

O’Dea portrayed himself as a moderate Republican, saying he was in favor of abortion during the early stages of a woman’s pregnancy. He has accused Bennet of being in line with President Joe Biden’s policies that have led the economy to its current weakened state. 

Some considered the Colorado race as one that could be successful for Republicans. Former Republican Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie said that the Colorado Senate seat would be an upset in favor of Republicans. 

“The other upset and surprise you’re going to see I think on Tuesday night is Joe O’Dea, the Republican candidate for United States Senate in Colorado, is going to beat Michael Bennet. And that’s going to be a huge surprise,” Christie said on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday. 

“He flat-out said that he believes that Joe Biden was the legitimately elected president of the United States and had Trump attack him,” Christie said. “And in Colorado, he is driving Michael Bennet to distraction. He’s going to win the race.”

Bennet has consistently been ahead in the polls, and the Cook Political Report had the race as “lean Democrat.” 

During a debate between the two, Bennet said O’Dea was a “liar.” 

“Joe, you know that your assertion that I’ve only passed one bill in the time I’ve been in the Senate — you’ve said it over and over again, it’s been fact-checked as false over and over again, you’re running a TV ad saying it over and over again,” Bennet said. 

“Tell me what that means to you,” Bennet said.

“It just goes to your effectiveness. You’re ineffective,” O’Dea answered.

“You’re a liar, Joe,” Bennet said after O’Dea reiterated that the incumbent senator is not effective. “You’re a liar, Joe.”

O’Dea also criticized the lack of action being taken at the border. He recently visited the southern border between Mexico and the United States, saying that the migrant crisis is “overwhelming” officials. 

He pointed out how law enforcement has been consistent in what they have said about the border situation.

“They all have the same consistent message. They’re overwhelmed. You know, bottom line is that they’re not receiving enough funding to handle what’s going on,” he said.

“We’re all border states now,” O’Dea noted. “We’ve got the drugs, the methamphetamine, the fentanyl coming straight up I-25 into Colorado for those drugs that get through the border down here.”