Internet Sleuths, I Need Help — Who Is Brandan Roneel?

I need your help figuring out a mystery. A few years ago, my husband and I had dinner with a man who never existed

At least, we don’t think he existed.

That evening has haunted me ever since and I am still searching for answers.

I am finally ready to open up about what happened and call on my internet sleuths to help me solve this case.

Will you help me finally discover who Brandan Roneel is?

In 2020, I received an email from Brandan Roneel. He wanted to donate to Blexit, had already donated to Turning Point USA, and asked us to have dinner with him.

Now, before we dive into the details, readers should be aware of the U.S. government backed-operation called COINTELPRO (Counterintelligence Program). 

It was a series of covert and illegal projects actively conducted by the United States FBI aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting domestic American political organizations — mostly radical groups.

That specific operation is supposedly over, ended in 1971, but who’s to say they aren’t trying something similar now?

So we went to dinner with Roneel. We found out he was just 22 years-old. Then we found out he was an alleged genius, graduated college at 13 years-old, passed bar in California and New York, spoke nine languages, and he even ordered wine for the table.

At this point, nothing in my mind said “this story doesn’t add up…”

He was accompanied by his fiance who was a blue-collar cop from Arlington, VA. It seemed legit.

Then it got a little strange.

At the end of the dinner, he handed us a check for $250,000. You can see the proof of this in my show today — click here.

After we arrived home, my husband said to me that this situation doesn’t add up. He didn’t believe this guy’s story and said there were red flags. I didn’t believe him — at first — I thought it was fine. So my husband and I looked into him online. We saw he had a website for his foundation.

But George said, “Nobody writes a check for $250,000.”

So we kept digging and looked into the address that was listed on his check. It was a WeWork office building. That was a red flag.

Then I looked into the “SoFi” bank which was listed on the check. The bank sort of checked out, but it’s primarily an institution for students with student loans.

I messaged TPUSA about him, started talking to them and realized he had told them a different story than he told us.

He told them his parents were dead, but told us his parents were alive. He said he was in a gay relationship, but told TPUSA he had just converted to Mormonism.

We decided not to cash the check and advised TPUSA to put a stop on the check he had given them.

I kept digging. I found a post on Instagram from the police department where he had given a speech. There was a slide in his presentation that said “WHO AM I?” and listed facts about him. But those facts did not match what he had told us about who he was.

He had told us he was a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. That could be true — but we found there was a web page that had once been created but now didn’t work. That’s a bit mysterious.

At the time, the Roneel foundation did have an Instagram and there was a photo on there with Dan Crenshaw. That actually helped his legitimacy, but I still sent a text to Dan warning him that this guy might be a plant.

Looking back on it all, was this guy trying to get us to cash this check and then blame us for taking foreign money or something worse?

I kept thinking about that and it haunted me. It still does.

In June of this year, I checked to see if there was anything else updated on the internet about him. Well, according to an obituary, Brandan Roneel is now dead.

What’s more interesting is that all of the profiles and websites that I previously found on him — have now been wiped. It seems he has disappeared without a trace.

I looked for articles to find out how he might have died, but found nothing.

It is as if I had dinner with someone who never existed.

So my questions are:

Who was Brandan Roneel?
Was it just a crazy person playing “Catch Me If You Can”?
Was it a legit person who really did decide to just donate $2500,000?
Did really just die and was basically wiped off the face of the Earth?
Or did the intelligence agencies attempt to plant someone in our organizations?

I need your help in figuring this out.

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