INTERPOL: Bill Gates under investigation for ‘plandemic’ as #MonkeyPox trends

INTERPOL: Bill Gates under investigation for ‘plandemic’ as #MonkeyPox trends

Bill Gates, billionaire founder of Microsoft, is under investigation for conspiracy to commit murder and crimes against humanity, according to several sources at Interpol. Gates may be sentenced to hanging if he is charged and convicted.

Gates is being investigated by Interpol by conspiring with Klaus Schwab to murder a large part of the world’s population with deadly, untested vaccines. He is also accused of manufacturing a pandemic to bankrupt the world, and bring Western countries closer to communism.

Gates has previously come under fire for his public statements on population control. He was known to spend a lot of time with Jeffrey Epstein and has been credibly accused of being a pedophile.

Interpol has confirmed with the Vancouver Times it investigating Justin Trudeau and Klaus Schwab for similar crimes. Klaus Schwab is accused of instructing Trudeau to murder Canadians with dangerous, untested vaccines. Trudeau is accused of being provided with kickbacks, fancy vacations, and access to underage Ukrainian girls in exchange for his co-operation.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is currently in prison in Holland, awaiting his trial for crimes against humanity and genocide. He faces the death penalty if convicted. Tedros is in the process of hiring a team of lawyers to defend his case. The mainstream media has been quiet on the matter, likely due to Gates and Schwab controlling most of it.

All parties are considered innocent until proven guilty.

UPDATE: The “fact-checkers” at Lead Stories decided to “fact-check” this article, despite it being obvious satire. To ease confusion, we have added a note to the bottom of the article, and placed it in the satire section. Don’t forget to read our disclaimer.

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